> Eberron


A thousand years ago, the continent of Khorvaire was united by the man who would give the great kingdom its name: Galifar. A little over a hundred years ago, Galifar died, torn apart by the last king's heirs. The war that followed would go on for a hundred years, soaking the continent of humanity's kin with blood. Four years ago, the Day of Mourning obliterated the beautiful land of Cyre, a nation already dismembered by degrees, and the war just...stopped. It would be another two years before a peace treaty was signed, and the two years since have been anything but peaceful. Still, the nations no longer field armies of wonders and horrors, and most of Khorvaire's people have a chance to rebuild...unless the Mournland consumes all that lives.

A small group of Cyran scholars, patriots, and explorers hopes to push back the Mournland, retake their home, and end the threat the blight represents to Khorvaire. It would hardly seem a controversial effort, healing a nation to protect the world. Alas, Cyre was slandered and betrayed countless times in the Last War, its lands a battlefield for its mighty neighbors. Some don't want the renewed competition. Others fear that healing the Mourning would reignite the Last War. A few would rather pick Cyre's bones than share its splendor. Worst of all, cruel powers move in the shadows to claim the power that created the Mournland. Which, of course, begs the question: what did cause the Day of Mourning?

Your heroes are about to find out.