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One Pill Two Pill

One Pill, Two Pill
Red Pill, Blue Pill
"The Matrix" (inspired) by Dr. Seuss

(Note: Contains possible spoilers for "The Matrix: Reloaded.")

One pill, two pill
Red pill, blue pill

Do you want to know the truth?
Would you, could you, tell Aunt Ruth?

Then Zion is the town for you,
Even if it makes you blue.

But stay away from Mr. Smith,
he has guns to shoot you with.

Even if you run up walls,
facing Agents takes some *ahem*.

When you see them, will you run,
or do you think you are the One?

Would you fight them from a car?
Would you fight them with a bar?

Will you come back from the dead?
(I mean, it's all just in your head.)

If you want to join the fight,
you'd best believe with all your might.

Remember, with two movies done,
it's Mechs a zillion, Neo One.

2003, Peter Flanagan