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For now, this section of the wiki is mostly for people to share info and notes during the planning stages.

  • The Mass Effect wiki, a good reference, but full of potential spoilers. If you plan on playing any of the games, read at your own risk.
  • For an idea what civilian life is like in Council Space, the Entertainment page is a good one for society's trends, with few spoilers. It's not food/drink safe, though (some of the entries are frickin' hilarious).
  • Timeline (Our campaign starts shortly after the Normandy's loss)
  • Temporary templates for stats as they are in Mass Effect 1; these will serve as guidelines until the actual rules are ready to play with

Shepard's choices from Mass Effect, as they will affect our game (full list of possible game choices):

  • John Shepard is a male Vanguard and has the default appearance, Paragon (mostly), Colonist, War Hero, romanced Liara
  • Garrus encouraged to be Paragon
  • Council saved, Anderson is human councilor
  • Feros: Shiala is alive, Ethan Jeong is dead, colony is recovering
  • Rachni Queen was released
  • Wrex and Kirrahe survived Virmire, Kaidan sacrificed himself for the mission
  • Dahlia Dantius is dead
  • Fist is alive
  • Helena Blake is alive, but we need to decide if she's still running the syndicate
  • Interview outcome: Full paragon ("made her look like a raving idiot")
  • The chairman of the Parliament Subcommittee on Transhuman Studies survived, and the L2 biotics are getting reparations
  • X57: Humans rescued, which means Balak is still at large
  • Normandy crew completed the "Listening Post Alpha" Cerberus side quest; NOT Kahoku or Corporal Toombs/Dr. Wayne

RPG Characters:

  • Scipio Armax, aka Zero, a turian Spectre looking to recruit humans into the legendary order
* The Blade-Wing of Zama is Scipio's cruiser; this page lists his team and corvette "super-shuttle," the Black Harrier.
  • Edith Sinclair, aka "Edie". Systems Alliance Intelligence Service field officer. Currently on "paid leave."
  • D.J. Callahan, an Alliance NCO (retired/reserve?) assigned to keep the last human Spectre in one piece.

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