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Camogrey Ranger

Public Name : Faisch Morag (The last names families can come up with at Ellis Island *snork*)
Ranger ID : Camogrey Ranger (No one knows exactly why her outfit came out a mottled grey camo pattern. Neither Zordon nor Dulcea can explain it.)
Alternately called : Wildcat Ranger because of her Zord.

At 35 Camogrey is the oldest member of the Ninjetti Rangers (think off-branching of "Power Rangers the Movie"), with Nigel coming in second at 25.

Faisch's Ranger Universe

  • Tommy Oliver - White Ranger (Falcon)
  • Rocky DeSantos - Red Ranger (Ape)
  • Adam Park - Black Ranger (Frog)
  • Aisha Campbell - Yellow Ranger (Bear)
  • Kimberly Hart - Pink Ranger (Crane)
  • Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger (Wolf)
  • Nigel Fitzhugh - Green Ranger (Badger)
  • Faisch Morag - Camogrey Ranger (Wildcat)

As noted above, there are eight members to the Rangers team (unlike either the mainline universe OR the mainline movieverse :D)

Due to a spell cast by Rita and Lord Zed, both the Camogrey and Green Rangers have a mental link to their Zords that is unlike the connection that the other Rangers have with theirs [think the Dr's connection to the TARDIS]. The two Zords appear to be fully sentient, although even Blue Ranger (Billy) is unsure about whether it is appearance or fact. Camogrey simply accepts it as fact. :)