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Email Lists

We have a custom email server, run by Fuzzy, with the following lists for various CAoL games, subgames, and out-of-character discussions:

Current lists:

  • AAE: The main list, replaces the old Green Room
  • FirstD.AAE: First Draft, for when you want to clear something with other players
  • Techie.AAE: Tech Room, for when discussions get more technical than most people care about
  • Risque.AAE: Risqué Content, adults only
  • Bills.AAE: Billboard, for political and other potentially contentious subjects

IC lists:

  • IC.AAE: The "default" IC list
  • Shen.AAE: Steam-Punk/PatLabor Genre In Character SubList
  • CAoL.AAE: Callahanian Army of Light IC (not currently in use)
  • PAI.AAE: Pulp Adventures Inc. IC
  • Pulp.AAE: Pulp Heroes IC (pulp-class characters)
  • SH.AAE: Super Hero IC (supers-class characters; "A Proper Place For The Spandex Brigade")
  • CA.AAE: Cosmic Adventures IC (high-powered characters)
  • Traveller.AAE: Traveller Space Adventures IC

Other sublists may be available; contact Fuzzy or any other list member for info, since I don't want to put the subscription info on a public page.


For the Callahanian Army of Light:

  • CAoL "Callahanian Army of Light"
  • GR.CAoL "CAoL Green Room"
  • FD.CAoL "CAoL First Drafts"
  • SO.CAoL "CAoL Spin Off List"
  • TR.CAoL "CAoL Tech Room"
  • Risque.CAoL "CAoL Risque List Adults Only"
  • BILLS.CAoL "CAoL Billboard"
  • Bin.CAoL "CAoL Bin Distribution List"
  • CAoL.AAE "Callahanian Army of Light IC"


  • AAE "Action, Adventure, and Excitement"
  • IC.AAE "AAE In-Character List"
  • FirstD.AAE "AAE First Draft"
  • Bills.AAE "AAE Billboard"
  • Risque.AAE "Risque Content In AAE"
  • Techie.AAE "Tech Room"

Others sub-genres:

  • PAI "Pulp Adventures Inc."
  • GR.PAI "PAI Green Room"
  • PH.AAE "Pulp Hero's IC"
  • SH.AAE "Super Hero IC List"
  • CA.AAE "Cosmic Adventures"
  • Traveller.AAE "Traveller Game Data"