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Email Options

Our custom email list offers us several options, and also auto-posts in-character stuff to our LiveJournal archive, which means we can use some LiveJournal tags as well.


  • Please remember to remove any visible email addresses from the quoted portion of your post before sending. These end up in the clear, and someone has to edit the post to remove them. We all slip up sometimes, but the less work is made for the admins the happier we are :-).
  • Please snip intelligently. Too much, and people may wonder what you're responding to. Too little, and the post is longer than it needs to be.

ModusVarious list options (case-insensitive)

Placing these at the top of a post has the described function. They don't show up as part of the post. One per line, no spaces around the "=", and if using more than one it needs a blank line after the last one.

  • CATEGORY= (adds LiveJournal tags -- note that the poster's name automatically becomes a tag; "CATAGORY=" also works, since it was left in place after the typo fix.)
  • ALIAS= (an alternate player/poster name for the list header and LiveJournal)
  • ROLLS= (die roller; provides the asked-for number of randomly generated numbers in the range 0-99... I think, subject to correction)

Livejournal tags

  • <lj-cut text="optional text"> -- hide text after this point from the main page, mainly used to show a "teaser" paragraph or two with a link to the full post.
  • </lj-cut> -- Used to end a cut, if the writer wants text after the hidden section to be visible on the main page. Otherwise, just the "lj-cut" (with or without the optional text) is sufficient.

Players, please correct or ask for clarification as needed, or let me know if I missed anything :-). This is here for new people in addition to being a reference for us.