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Finnegan Dangle

Engineer Finnegan Dangle: The True Techie Of My Group, Rarely Leaves The Blasted Beast, As He Finds Gravity Crippling, For Every Magic Ability He Has He Tells Stories Of A Cousin, Who Is Better...

Finnegan's Statement:

"I Am Finnegan Dangle", "The Blasted Beast's Engineer".

"I've Dreamed Of Space All Of My Life, And Always Known That Anime and Science Fiction, Was As Close As I Was Likely To Get. Other Than Short Visits."

"Mother Was Dwarven, And Father Caught Too Many Rads, So Here I Am With Four Arms, No Legs and An Affinity For Stone and Metal."

With Metals and "Metallic Bonds" Finnegan Can Adjust the Range, Strength, and "Elasticity?" Of The Bond, Harden, Soften, Blend, Separate, Bind or Maybe the Word Is Bond, Etc... The Effect Usually Fades Quickly, Down To Extreme That Metal Can Hold. This Ability Probably Has To Do With, Manipulating The Way Delocalization Of Electrons Works. Finnegan Can Not Shape Metal By force Of Will, Nor Can He Magnetize Without His Tools, Though He Has A Cousin Who Can... Finnegan Has A 10cm Diameter Limit... Cousin Joe's Daughter OTOH Melted A Buick... "That Girl Hates To Go To The Doctor..."

With Stone Finnegan's Possible Effects Are More Limited, Basically, Harden Temporarily,

 Fades Down To Max Strength For That Stony Type 

Weaken" Variable, Ranges from Slightly To Powder...

Beyond That He Needs His Tools.. Much More Powerful But Less Flexible...

OOC: Think Bujold's Qauddy

"But So Far,

 I've Figured Out How To Duplicate,
 Nearly All Of My "Magical" Abilities, 
 By Technological Methods;
 I And Some Of My Cousins,
 Can Take A Lump Of Ore,
 And Wring The Pure Metal Out Of It,
 With Our Bare Hands."

"This" Waving What Looks Like, A Battery Operated Soldering Iron, Marked "Cold-Flow Pen, By Dangle Industries" "Generates A 15mm Narrow Cone, That Can Weld Steel Plates Together."

"I've Made A Bundle Off That."

"But, It Does Not Work In Space, On Ships or Space Stations, Not Even At The Moon Base."

"And Any Dwarf,

 Regardless of Training,
 Dies Within A Few Months,
 After The First Month,
 The Dwarf's Bones Are Too Brittle,
 To Survive A One 'G' Environment." 

"I Did Produce A Mundane Version, About the Size and Weight Of A Small ArcWelder, And It Sucks Power The Same Way..."

Shakes Head

"But It Does Work In Space."

"The Doc's Compressed Bean Sprouts,

 They Emit Something".

Another Head Shake

"That Allows Me To Live In Space,

 And Allows Magical Devices To Work,
 It Even Enhances Any Liquid Fuel.
 Including The Water That Feeds The "Cold" Fusion Units.
 I'm Still Trying To Figure Out How To Isolate It".

"Any Wonder I Call It ProtoCulture?"