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Gamma Flower-of-Life

Gamma Mutated Plant: Species Name: Flower_of_Life Discoverer: Dr. Vivekin Kincade Species Prior To Mutation: Unknown

Named Suggested By Dr. Finnegan Dangle

It Is Suspected But Not Provable That, The Root Species Of This Organism, Is A MetaVarient of One Of The Primula Family.

Growing Less Than 1 Meter Tall, With Leaves Ranging From 10 to 20 cm Across, And The Flower Being As Much As 50 cm In Diameter.

Reproduction Is Via Seeds And Runners, From Seed to Reproductive Maturity Is Less than 90 Days.

Emitting An Enormous Amount of Mystic Energy, Especially During The Sprout Phase, This Plant Induces a Empathetic Co-Op Of Nearby Plants and Animals, Affected Organisms Gain Both Increased Size and Increased Growth Rate, And Commonly Physical and/or Metal Mutations That Benefit The Co-Op.

One Sighted Co-Op, Targeted The Survey Team At Approximately 1km Range, Succeeding In Killing All But Two Members. And Apparently Eating Two Survey Bots.

The Other Sighting Was Explored By Survey Bots, Operated From A Greater Distance, Two Survey Bots Were Apparently Eaten, The Third Was Co-Opted...

Given Hazard Level To Existing Ecologies, And Potential Rate Of Spread, This Organism Is Classed As A Level Five Hazard.

All Sightings Are To Be Burnt out, With Surface And Deep Penetration Incendiary Munitions, Fired From At Least 2km Distance.

Private Notes: I Managed To Retrieve One Seed Pod From The First Stand And Two From The Second, I Have Added Them to My Personal Collection.


 One of the Seed Pods From The Second Stand,

Spontaneously Sprouted, With The Aid Of Dr. Dangle, We Were Able To Suspend Growth, In A Low Temperature, High Pressure Environment, The Extreme Output Of Mystic Energy Continues.

At Dr. Dangle's Suggestion, I Have Moved My Private Laboratory Into A Semi-Closed Habitat Module, Gifted To Me By Dr. Dangle. The Module Also Contains A Quite Nice Apartment.

A Weekend Orbital Excursion, Module And All... (That Was A Surprise) Proved That The Plant Continues To Emit, Even Well Beyond the Biosphere Of Earth, The Emissions Allowed Dr. Dangle, To Continue Using His Meta Based Abilities, With Some Significant Limits. The Energy Density Is Sufficient, However The Pool Is Shallow...

(First Pass, The Author Will Try To Update Later...)