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Gregory Booth

Captain Gregory Booth: Is The True Adventurer, And Synthesist, But Not Expert In Tech Or Magic. Age: 27 The Youngest Original Crew Member Of, The Blasted Beast... A Member In Good Standing Of The New Explorers Club.

Pointy Ears, Green Skin, Tired Of Vulcan Jokes...

Mother Was A Hama A Race Of Elves, Who Stabilized After Gamma Exposure, With Photosynthetic Skin, Which Expressing In All Females And 1% of Males, Hama's Have A Reputation For "Loose" Behavior... And Seductive Power, However If He Has That It Seems To Only Work On, Female Hama... Father Unknown Life Span: 300+ Yrs Probable

Skilled With: Pistol, Rifle, Assengia, Long And Short Hafted, And Shield

More To Come