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Punctuation Conventions

Over the years, the CAoL's players developed a "standard notation" of sorts for non-verbal communication, so that everyone knows what's going on. The conventions that might still apply to new posts are:

"this"Spoken (pretty standard already) -- if the spoken is in other than "common" (i.e. English) it can be so noted. This should cover Dragon, Japanese, etc.
[this]Private thoughts, as in thinking to ones self and not sending to anyone, internal dialogs, etc.
*this*Non-CAoL-link telepathy
^this^"Private" links/telepathy (1-to-1 links)
{this}Radio and other "mechanically" enhanced comm, like Trek-style communicators, B5-style links, walkie-talkies, etc.
#this#Cyber-psi communication to, and from, electronic, computerized or mechanical devices and characters. This might include such beings as can communicate faster than most of us can think.
=this=Feline, since that seems to be the most common non-English language (can be combined with other notations when sent, etc.)
() or {}(nothing inside) for data sent in "packets," like locational information or data blocks within another message (example: *They are located () here.*)

If we want to change anything, especially given that *this* has become a fairly standard way of indicating emphasis, the this page will be updated accordingly.