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Roland Hawke

An M&M 3e write-up is (probably) coming. For now, I'm using the ultra-broad Shinigami ratings on Ukitake Mizuko's page for reference. His appearance is a mix of the default look of the character "Hawke" from Dragon Age 2, sans beard, and Joe Asakura from Gatchaman. Notably, he has Roland's bright blue eyes. They're the only physical feature that's exactly the same.

  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Proficient Strength: The greatest strength of the human body is simply mundane to a Shinigami, but among his own kind Roland is incredibly strong. He can enhance this further with his kido.
    • Enhanced Durability: While not as tough as a full Shinigami without his uniform, Roland is still resilient enough to deal with knife and bullet wounds. With his uniform, he can battle with seated Shinigami on relatively equal footing. He can enhance this further with his kido.
    • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: While not Mizuko's equal, Roland's swordplay is good enough to qualify as "expert" even by Soul Society's high standards.
    • Flash Step Proficiency: While he relies more on his superhuman agility than raw speed, Roland is a fair hand (foot?) with a flash step himself.
    • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Roland is a phenomenal unarmed combatant, able to deal with armed opponents on a nearly equal footing with his bare hands.
    • High Spiritual Power: For a human, his energy level is phenomenal. Even among Shinigami, he could stand for Lieutenant. His reiatsu is the same royal blue of his uniform.
    • Expert Tactician: Roland once led a Ninja Squadron. Though he still blames himself for the betrayal that led to the death of one teammate, the truth is he's a gifted leader. His occasionally flippant attitude is a fašade designed to hide a diamond-clear mind capable of assessing any situation quickly and neatly. While not quite Sherlock Holmes or Batman, as a professional agent of the ISO Roland is also a highly skilled investigator.
    • Broad Equipment Proficiencies: While talented with a sword, what really makes Roland deadly in a fight is his wide range of weapons skills. He can pick up virtually any weapon and use it with natural ease. Some of his more common choices of arms include polearms, staves, shuriken, blasters, boomerangs and double-ended blades (think Darth Maul). He's also capable of driving or piloting nearly any vehicle, has a variety of basic technical competencies, and makes a passable field medic.
    • Kido Expert: He calls it ninpo (or more properly, kagaku ninpo -- Science Ninja Art), but Roland's power and skill are equal to some of the best spellcasters in Soul Society. Where he truly excels, however, is in his versatility. While Roland does have a few weak areas (probability, the element of water, and spiritual energies give him some trouble), with a moment's thought he can perform nearly any form of basic magic, and given time he can work true wonders. Nevertheless, he does have some areas of expertise. He's best with concealment magic (big surprise), enhanced senses, control of his body (including physical enhancement, shapeshifting and regeneration), communication, and the elements of air and fire (including lightning and kinetic force). He's also capable of creating both temporary and permanent enchantments.
  • Unique weakness: Vibration dissonance, especially sonic, can affect his abilities. Particularly loud and unpleasant kinds can almost completely neutralize his ability to use kido, forcing him to draw on ever reserve of strength just to cast a basic fireburst. Particularly skillful manipulations of disharmony can even "hack" his ninpo, turning it against him and weakening or transforming him. (The effects can be similar to Red Kryptonite on a Kryptonian, except known combinations of frequencies always have the same repeatable effect). Sonic weapons "enhanced" with this effect are devastating against Roland.