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Ship Module Details

Basic Hull A 10m diameter by 70m Long Tube Of 2cm Thick Cryo-Silica-Steel The Ends Are Somewhat Variable Depending On Original Use, All Include A Different Alloy Which Can Be Made To Flow, And Be Magnetically Manipulated...

Image To Come: Cutaway End View Draw a Circle 10m diameter come up from lowest point 2m draw a line across this is the bottom deck about 7.5m wide Draw Another Line the same distance down from the peak, This is The Overhead 6m above Bottom Deck, Depending On Use The Space May Be Split For Part Or All Of The Length, Into Two 3m tall Decks.

Each Module Has A 1 Cubic Meter "Cold" Fusion Unit, At Each End, And They Are "Pure Tech" Space Rated Designs, They Are Effectively Identical... 0.4 GigaWatt Units So Any Environmental Cause That Disabled One Would Effect All.

While We Have Alternate Backup Systems, They Won't Handle Much More Than Life Support.

The Current Heat Exchangers Maintain 99C At The Fusion Unit, We Cycle That PreHeated Water Through The Hydraulic Systems, And Use It To Feed The Local Electric and HHO Fired Steam Systems, As Well As the HHO Generator Cells.

With HHO Combustion Subsystems, This Gives A nice Range Of Force/Speed Ratios, And The Water Fed HHO Generator Cells Are Nicely Compact. :-) So A Distributed System Is Easy.

<OOC: Finnegan Is A Bit Fanatical About Distributed Systems Only Water, Electricity, And Waste Have Long Runs. >

Then It Cycles Through The External Radiator, The Two Segments Below Have the Longest Runs, Due To Only Having One ProtoCulture Matrix. Through The ProtoCulture Matrix For Enhancement And Back To The Reactor.

For Model Makers: Take A 3/4" (20mm) x 5.25" (140mm) Copper Pipe, Really Should Be Silver-Grey, or Light Grey, And Put A Cap On Both Ends Natural Copper Works, Cap Should Cover At Least 3/8" (10mm).

Scale is 2mm = 1 Meter