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The Blasted Beast

The Blasted Beast Is Composed Of At Least 31, 10m Diameter by 70m Long Modules, Each Has It's Own Artificial Grav System Able To Achieve +/- 1.25 'G's A Simple Minded But Effective AutoPilot, And Short Term Life Support,

I Should Get These Mapped and Numbered: 1 For Command and Time Drive 1 For Engineering 1 For ParaTime Drive and It's Nav System 2 For Long Term Life Support Systems 2 For Hydroponics 1 Medical Center 1 10 Forward ;-) 1 For Commons, Dining Hall, And Galley 1 Document and Media Library, and Home theater System 1 For Small-Craft, Grav-Trucks and Bubble-Cars Etc 1 Recycling and Waste Storage 1 For Asteroid Processing and Metals Storage

Anything I'm Still Missing Above?

1 For Captain Gregory Booth 1 For The Physician Dr. Vivekin Hyve Kincade 1 For The Navigator JD or Johnathan 2 For Engineer Finnegan Dangle

The Others Are Available For Cargo, Or Accommodations... As Needed

I Might Add 19 More If Needed, Or Finding More Might BE A Minor Adventure Later... 19 Would Add Another Wheel...

So You Can See It Is Fairly Large, It Has Even Masqueraded As A Small Wheel Station, Dual Wheel, Hexagon + Spokes, 7 Modules 1 At Each Junction... Joining the Wheels. This Is The Ship's Current Configuration. In A Low Power Emergency, The Ship Will Rotate.

At 2 RPM Which I'm Told Isn't Excessively Troubling, 18 Of The Modules Are At Roughly 0.31 'G' Isn't That About Mars Level?

There Are Places Where 4500 Cubic Meters, That Is Roughly 1 Module, Of Seawater Is Far, Far, Too Valuable To Just Sell.

General Ship Module Details

 For Model Makers:

Take 31 3/4" (20mm) x 5.25" (140mm) Copper Pipe, Really Should Be Silver-Grey, or Light Grey, Take A Coppery Metallic Putty, Join The Pipes With The Putty, In Any Pattern Needed, Covering 3/8" (10mm), Of The Ends Of All Pipes, They Should Be "Good Enough" Not Perfect Shapes. Any Pipe End Left Available, Should Be Covered With a Copper Cap.

Default Is the Hex Station Above

Scale is 2mm = 1 Meter