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Ukitake Mizuko

Ukitake Mizuko is a Shinigami, 3rd Seat of Squad 10 of the Gotei 13. Jūshirō-taichō of Squad 13 is her great-uncle.

I imagine her with a look and bearing similar to Midorino Akira of the 2007 Reideen (the girl who's all over the opening credits, though she doesn't show up much as a character for several episodes), but I can't find many images of her online. In her shinigami uniform, she'd look more like this artist's original Bleach character, though with darker hair, green eyes, and the Zanpakutō would look a little different.

Mizuko was investigating a series of Hollow outbreaks in Los Angeles when she met Roland Hawke, and is now on an extended assignment to investigate the larger issue, report back to Seireitei, and possibly help deal with whatever the situation is if appropriate. While in her Gigai she's attempting to wear normal clothing, with her current default being black motorcycle leathers over a white t-shirt and dark grey leggings.

  • Powers & Abilities
    • Enhanced Strength: About average for a Shinigami of her age, skill and rank. (Basically, she can toss a motorcycle into a Hollow if she has to.)
    • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: As would be expected of a Shinigami of her rank, though she is notable even among her peers.
    • Enhanced Durability: As per all Shinigami, Mizuko can withstand injuries that would obliterate normal humans. As a 3rd Seat, she's particularly tough, in part due to her considerable reiatsu.
    • Flash Step Expert: One of her particular areas of expertise, Mizuko is fast even for a high-ranking Shinigami, capable of keeping up with even some Captains.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Mizuko has basic unarmed combat training.
    • High Spiritual Power: Mizuko has impressive Reiryoku even for a 3rd seat. She could try for Lieutenant in some other squads. Her reiatsu is light blue.
    • Keen Intellect: Mizuko is capable of thinking quickly and clearly under extreme pressure.
    • Kido Practitioner/Expert: Bakudo ("Way of Binding"); Hado ("Way of Destruction"); Healing spells (restore Reiatsu, then body). Known Kido:
      • Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō (lit. "Six Rods Prison of Light" or "Six-Rod Light Restraint")
  • Zanpakutō: Gin'iro Fushicho (Silver Phoenix)
    • Type: Kido
    • Sealed appearance: Katana (blue hilt, gold tsuba, red and gold tassel held on by silver ribbon; the tsuba looks something like this)
    • Shikai Appearance: Taijijian, blue & red marbled hilt, silver phoenixes for guard (wings out), 5 ribbons from hilt (something like this Qing Jian)
    • Release command: Blaze, Gin'iro Fushicho!
    • Spirit form: Something like this
    • Shikai Powers: Pluses to movement (flash step), ribbons can bind (later, the blade itself will be able to do this), fast movements shoot "light bo-shuriken")

More notes for later editing:

Great-Uncle Jūshirō's stats for reference: Offense (90), Defense (90), Mobility (70), Kido/Reiatsu (100), Intelligence (100), Physical Strength (40). Total: 490/600.

maybe add later: absorb/disperse attacks, redirect