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Xander Opal

Xander Opal

Description: A two-headed humanoid dragon of somewhere over nine feet tall, Xander Opal has opalescent blue scales. Her heads each have three eyes, the center one tilted vertical. Lacking hair, her heads are instead adorned with crests. Her torso is likewise complex; wings and arms at the usual shoulders, a double bust, and lower down, a second pair of arms just above her hips. Her hands each have only two fingers and a thumb. Similarly, her wings only have three 'digits' supporting the membrane. Xander's legs are digitigrade, resembling limbs a dinosaur might have. Her tail is long, tapering to a simple point. Generally not obvious, but the dragon is hermaphroditic in nature, she uses female pronouns and references to keep things simple.


  • Aside from being fairly strong, Xander's scales are fairly resilient to firearms up to modest rifles. This does not prevent internal injury, of course-- see also body armor with trauma plates.
  • From the middle eye on each forehead, she can emit a beam of varying intensity, from simple illumination to something resembling a powerful laser cutter. Extended and/or high-intensity use is physically draining.
  • She is able to directly manipulate electronics and some photonics, by being in physical contact and concentrating. This ability also allows her to read or store data.

Training: Adequate with a sword, decent unarmed (though she's more a brawler than finesse), and a good shot with pistol and rifle.

This image is an example of Xander during an event on her homeworld. The pistol and rifle both are railguns (the rifle's barrel should be a longer version of the pistol's, the error due to a mis-communication with the artist). The sword is simply good steel. The Earth that Xander is stranded on at the beginning of the story lacks the technology for the railguns, and she does not know the metallurgy and physics required to design them.