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Changes To Canon

  • So, transportation. It relies on bound (read: enslaved) elementals, when the "civilized" nations of Khorvaire have supposedly abolished slavery. So, no. Not legally, anyway. Vehicles that canonically use bound elementals are about half as common, and all such officially-created vessels bargain with the elementals -- essentially, hiring them. In addition, the elementals usually have shifts, with the dragonshard designed to dismiss one elemental as the next is called. The other half use variations of the conductor stones, being standard (if complex) enchantments. Such ships lack an elemental intelligence, forgoing their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Alignment: while the canon definition of "evil" will suffice, the definition of "good" does not. Honorable means cannot justify devastating ends any more than the reverse. Ambition by itself is not evil, but ambition that would plunge a devastated continent back into war is never good. (Yes, this really only affects one character. But it's an important character.)
  • While the souls of the dead go to Dolurrh first, some non-evil souls, and at least a majority of good souls, rise to the heaven-like plane of Syrania within a decade after death. The exact reasons why and how souls are rescued from Dolurrh are hotly debated topics by the various religions of Khorvaire. The Sovereign Host, Silver Flame, Gatekeepers, Blood of Vol, Path of Light, Undying Court, and druid traditions all have their own beliefs on the matter, and sometimes clash over them.
  • Minor aesthetic change: most of the deathless of the elven Undying Court of Aerenal appear to be alive, and all can enjoy the sensations of life. Those joys are muted, and the passions of the deathless tend to the cerebral and abstract, but they appear alive because, in a sense, they are alive. There is a transition period, lasting between one and five centuries, during which the deathless "fill out," so to speak. During this time, they have that iconic withered Walking Dead look, but it grows less pronounced over time rather than more. Importantly for a pulp RPG, the deathless can feel strong friendships and rivalries, and even fall in love. There are marriages on Aeranal that predate the last Cataclysm.