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NOTE: Since this setting has detect evil and detect good -- and knows they exist -- some characters have parts of their alignment known. Also, while some alignment restrictions have been removed (most notably, clerics do not have to match their deity's alignment), other classes still have alignment requirements. Paladins have to be Lawful Good, and Exorcists of the Silver Flame have to be good, for example. Unless otherwise stated, all alignment notes are confirmed as of 996 YK and the Treaty of Thronehold. Detect evil got a lot of use during negotiations.

The characters below will appear in the Eberron campaign. The allies will likely be present for large portions of the game; the rivals may or may not, but will at least show up during the first story arc. I've presented them here to make it easier for players to integrate friendships, rivalries, and enmities into their backstories. All allies spend a fair amount of time in Sharn and have homes there.


Nessa: nonbinary (defaults to female, okay with "she") changeling bard, born in Cyre, alignment non-evil. Nessa is one of the few remaining agents of Cyran intelligence known to have survived the Day of Mourning. (Most Fifth Crown agents keep a low profile post-War.) Most spies are quiet professionals, even in the pulp adventure world of Eberron, but there's definitely a place for the swashbuckling James Bond/Emma Peel set. Nessa is decidedly the latter, leaping from windows to rescue urchins from gangs, dancing with nobles in grand ballrooms while investigating dark cults, and seducing handsome/beautiful geniuses with utter sincerity while extracting them from the clutches of evil masterminds. Yet we're still talking about a changeling bard spy, and somehow villains are still astounded when the janitor turns out to be Nessa, leaping to the Stormbreaker with the plot-crucial dragonshard in hand. It's easy for any PC to have met her/them, either as an ally or (during the War) possibly a rival. Always friendly to anyone who isn't evil, Nessa will be responsible for bringing the party together, and even if someone was on the other side before the Day of Mourning, they're on good terms with heroes all across Khorvaire -- and beyond.

Alys d'Cannith: female human wizard/cataclysm mage, born in Cyre, alignment good. Lady Alys is likely the foremost expert on the Mournland in Khorvaire. Though more loyal to Cannith than Cyre, the House of Making suffered a devastating blow from the Mourning. In spite of all her efforts to pretend mere curiosity, Lady Alys' courage and generosity are well known -- she is a hero of the Last War, having rescued thousands from various horrors unleashed by the conflict. However, while she protected her home nation of Cyre more than any other, Lady Alys did not join any military organization. Her efforts helped citizens of all Five Nations and all common humanoid species of Khorvaire. A powerful member of the Twelve, she's known to be a idealistic member, setting her at odds with most of her more pragmatic peers. Her interest in the Mourning remains a mystery, though the disappearance of her longtime friend and partner, the Warforged champion Bulwark, is a likely motivation. Unusually for a human, Lady Alys is an ageless 150, an effect presumed to be the result of an enchantment. She favors Jorlanna in the House's internal struggle.

Tollath d'Lyrandar: male half-elf (Khoravar) artificer/windwright captain, born in Breland, alignment unknown. Pilot of the Stormbreaker, Tollath's entire life has centered around House Lyrandar and the Mark of Storm. He grew up on wind galleons and was one of the first to serve on an airship. Tollath now works with Lady Alys, ostensibly on behalf of the Twelve. He claims to be more practical than his patron, but the number of rivals he's acquired within the Twelve -- particularly its Acquisitions Directorate, after rescuing two separate Wayfinder expeditions -- suggests otherwise. Like Lady Alys, he has a partner, the sylph Seroca, who powers the Stormbreaker. Unlike Lady Alys, Tollath and Seroca remain inseparable, the smirking, laconic pilot and the supportive, flighty air elemental forever at odds until the storm hits the prow. Then you'd be hard pressed to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Lirika Soldorak: female dwarf cleric, born in Karrnath, alignment Neutral Good. Mother Lirika is unexpected to most, even other dwarves. Serene and patient, Lirika opposed the independence movement of the Mror Holds, preaches against the Aurum syndicate founded by her clan, and works to unite the healing efforts of the Sovereign Host with those of House Jorasco. Still beautiful in spite of battle scars, silver twining through her auburn hair, and the peg leg extending from her left knee, Lirika seeks to heal the rifts of the Last War, with a particular eye towards the necromancy of her home nation of Karrnath. Though her primary church is in Sharn, with many acolytes of the faith answering to her, Lirika makes time to visit other churches and seeks allies among the other non-evil faiths of Eberron, including the Silver Flame, Path of Light, and Undying Court.


Five Nations:

Lonn of Eston: male gnome artificer, born in Cyre, citizen of Zilargo, alignment unknown. This ever-smiling tinkerer is known as a charming fixer of both items and deals. Most people like him, but few trust him, as trouble usually shows up soon after he's left. Most believe him an agent of The Trust, Zilargo's intelligence agency, but darker rumors follow the arcane inventor.

Lesabet Roerith: female human wizard (necromancer), born in Karrnath, alignment evil. Lesabet is one of the poster children for corruption in modern Karrnath, but she stays within the law -- or at least, hasn't been caught doing anything illegal -- and is favored in the Korth court. She is known to be a patriotic member of the Ministry of the Dead. She's also known to be violent and sadistic, answering directly to Minister Vedim, and may have ties to King Kaius himself. Lesabet harbors an ill-concealed hatred for Nessa, due to the changeling thwarting the necromancer's effort to turn a train of Cyran refugees into Karrnath Zombies shortly after the Day of Mourning.

Sir Ironback: male-identity warforged fighter, created in Aundair, alignment non-good: This Knight Arcane is a renowned hero of the Last War, a rare non-spellcaster with the power to call on a phantom steed (suspected to be a Warforged-specific device). Since the Treaty of Thronehold, Ironback has volunteered for the most dangerous assignments, fighting monsters and saboteurs at every opportunity. Rumors, however, suggest a darker reason for the famous knight's service, speaking that his eyes only come alight when he has foes to kill. Ironback wouldn't be the first soldier unable to adjust to peacetime...

Nieta Daran: female half-elf cleric, born in Thrane, alignment non-evil. A knight-cleric of the Silver Flame, great-niece of legendary Keeper Lavira Tagor. The epitome of the fierce, devoted Silver Flame evangelist, Ser Nieta has fought fiends in the Underdark, Cyrans on the border, and aberrations in the skies above Flamekeep itself. With burning eyes and a cold heart, Ser Nieta will stop at nothing in service to the righteous beacon that is the Silver Flame. Nothing.

Vexil d'Cannith: male human rogue, born in Cyre, alignment unknown. A member of Zorlan's faction of House Cannith, Vexil insists that his only interest in profit. To be fair, he's generally seen hiring himself out for one operation or another, and word is that his eyes only light up for gold. Still, rumor speaks of moments when a fire burns within him, fire that has nothing to do with profit...

Shel: female changeling rogue/extreme explorer, origin unknown, alignment non-good. Little is known about this agent of the Twelve's Acquisition Directorate. She's competent, she's ruthless, and she has an almost preternatural knack for survival and escape from situations that would claim the lives of lesser explorers. Wayfinder explorers might have a more negative view of her exploits.

Thrush Xivdrad: male human fighter/thunder guide, born in Breland, alignment unknown. Most Thunder Guides are beloved heroes, their tales reported breathlessly in the pages of Khorvaire's chronicles (newspapers). Thrush is closer to infamous. He's rescued expeditions and fought great monsters, true, but he's also said to have exploited Xen'drik natives and stolen treasures from fellow adventurers.

Syrina d'Lyrandar: female half-elf bard/dragonmark heir/windwright captain, born in Aundair, alignment unknown (probably chaotic). An airship pilot of some renown (and infamy), Syrina is relentless in doing what she's been paid to do, but is not known for any interests outside herself and her House. Still, she has a penchant for getting into -- and causing -- trouble.


Evrash Goldmane: male elf artificer, born in Valenar, alignment lawful and non-good. A brilliant, handsome, and charismatic nationalist, Evrash is infamous to everyone who isn't a Valenar elf, and not a small few of those as well. A proud, lethal wandslinger, he's made no secret of his belief that all of old Cyre belongs to Valenar now. Sometimes he even forgets to exclude their fellow mercenaries-turned-conquerors in Darguun. Evrash, in short, is trouble -- supremacist trouble.

Ilgera Vellanin: female elf cleric, born in Q'Barra, alignment lawful. One of Valenar's Keepers of the Past, Ilgera isn't a crusader like Nieta or a politician like Lirika. By all appearances, Ilgera's devotion to her faith is one of mystic devotion. Then again, she's obviously looking for something...

Tardol Dajarden: male elf ranger, born in Valenar, alignment unknown. Tardol is a Valenar loyalist who loves riding into battle. On the surface, he's the archetypal Valenar elf, proud and fierce and only a little superior about it. Practically born in a saddle with sword and bow, the only thing Tardol really hates is losing.