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Adam Locke

My first draft for a "native" Vault 101 character, up for review (not yet revised to go along with the character sheet below)):

The Legend of Adam Locke

"I don't want any trouble. I'm just looking for my father."

Adam is the quiet, troubled, brilliant son of James Locke, legendary scientist, hero and leader from Vault 101. While James had many rivals, he was one of the most respected voices in the Vault, always looking to the future, always keeping hope for a better world alive within metal walls that seemed little more than a prison to Adam.

Then one day, James Locke disappeared. He didn't give much of a hint as to why, but what he did leave behind implied a task of tremendous importance. The Overseer immediately cracked down, and the entire Vault went mad. It was a deadly, desperate dash for freedom, with blood and death at every turn. Somehow, Adam escaped. For all that Adam was sheltered, he was gifted, thanks to his father's genius and wealth. Cybernetics and technical ability were his birthrights, advantages few others from the Vault had.

Now a sheltered man, barely more than a boy, has left the Vault to go Above. It will appall him. It will terrify him. It will change him. And maybe...just maybe...Above will forge him into something more. Or maybe he'll be radioactive fried steak in a week. Who knows? Adam doesn't want any trouble. Really. Problem is, he didn't like seeing others suffer in the Vault, and Above just seems to be one great big ball of suffering. In one computer during his escape, he saw a note about the G.E.C.K. -- the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, perhaps the last hope for Above. And Dad told him that the specific part of Above that Vault 101 was under used to be the most important city in the world. Surely someone can do something about this tragic place. That's not Adam's job, though, no sir. He's just looking for his father...

Character Sheet:

Intelligence (INT)9
Reflexes (REF)9
Cool (CL)9
Tech. Ability (TECH)12
Luck (LK)5
Attractiveness (ATT)8
Move. Ability (MA)7
Empathy (EMP)8
Body Type (BT)7
Career SkillsRankTotal
Jury Rig (TECH)618 (?)
Awareness/Notice (INT)312
Basic Tech (TECH)618
Cyber-Tech (TECH)517
Teaching (INT)110
Education/Gen.Know (INT)413
Electronics (TECH)416
Electronic Security (TECH)214
First Aid (TECH)315
Weaponsmith aka Weapons Tech (TECH)618
Pickup Skills (18)RankTotal
Persuasion (EMP)19
Handguns (REF)110
Heavy Weapons (REF)110
Melee (REF)110
Stealth (REF)110
Chemistry (INT)412
Diagnose Illness (INT)110
Mathematics (INT)413
Physics (INT)110
Wilderness Survival (INT)110
Demolitions (TECH)113
Pharmaceuticals (TECH)113
Adamís Gear & CapsCaps/$
Starting Caps6000
Tech Toolkit-100
Electronics Toolkit-100
Grapple Hand (Cyberware; -3 HC)-350
PIP-BoyGM Fiat
Ammo: Heavy P. x 50-18
Heavy Pistol: Sternmeyer 35 (3d6, shots 8, 2/r, VR)-400
Armor: Steel Helmet, Light Armor Jacket (SP 14)-170
Survival Gear (TBD; guessing about -500 Caps)-500
Remaining caps4862