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Celia Spring

Not much to say so far -- Celia was born in Megaton and does what she can to help defend it from all the nasties that might want to come mess with her folk.

Intelligence (INT)7
Reflexes (REF)11
Cool (CL)9
Tech. Ability (TECH)7
Luck (LK)8
Attractiveness (ATT)4
Move. Ability (MA)7
Empathy (EMP)5
Body Type (BT)9
Career SkillsRankTotal
Combat Sense (add Rank to Awareness & Initiative)6*
Awareness/Notice (INT)417
Handgun (REF)415
Brawling (REF)314
Melee (REF)516
Stealth (REF)415
Rifle (REF)617
Athletics (REF)415
Submachine Gun (REF)112
Weapons Tech aka Weaponsmith (TECH)310
Pickup Skills (18)RankTotal
Endurance (BT)413
Education (INT)29
Hide & Evade (INT)512
Dodge & Escape (REF)415
First Aid (TECH)310
Celia’s Gear & CapsCaps/$
Starting Caps9000
Heavy Pistol: Sternmeyer 35 (3d6, shots 8, 2/r, VR)-400
AR: Militech Ronin (Acc. +1, 5d6, shots 35, 30/r, VR)-450
Light Pistol: X-22 (1d6+1, shots 10, 2/r, ST)-150
Monoknife (Acc. +1, 2d6, VR)-200
Knife (1d6)-10
Ammo: Light P. x 100, Heavy P. x 100, AR x 200; Heavy P. / Armor Piercing x 50-185
Armor: Nylon Helmet (SP 20), Light Armor Jacket (SP 14), Heavy Leather Pants (SP 4)-300
Survival Gear (TBD by the GM; guessing about -1000 Caps)-1000
Remaining caps6305