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Autumn Equinox 2011

Seosaidh: We are gathered to celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. We rejoice in the turning of the Wheel of the Year, and look towards the coming winter.

Siobhan: Our ancestors knew this as the time of the harvest, the time when the bounty of the land was gathered in reverence from the arms of Mother Earth. Be welcome and joyful for the feast we share today.

Both: Let us give welcome to the spirits of the Earth.

Seosaidh: I walk to Leinster, to the East, and stand in the light of the mythical city of Finias. East, of Nuada's Sword, come join with the otherworldly Tree.

Roland: I walk to the South, to Muenster, and stand in the light of the mythical city of Gorias. South, land of Lugh's Spear, join with the otherworldly Tree. Be with us this night.

Lynn: I walk to the West, to Connacht, and stand in the shadow of the mythical city of Murias. West, land of the Dagda's cauldron, come join with the otherworldly Tree. Be with us this night.

Morgan: I walk to the North, to Ulster, and I stand in the shadow of the mythical city of Falias, from whence the Stone of Fal did come. North, direction of destiny, be with us this night through the otherworldly Tree. Show us our destiny.

Siobhan: I walk to the Center, to Usneach, to the place of birth, death, and rebirth. Here I plant the Otherworldly Tree. All time is now. All places are here. We are at the center of time and space. So be it!

Seosaidh: Today the wheel has come to a special point.

For half the year now there has been
more light than dark, more warm than cool.
Since Midsummers, though, the daylight has been fading
and today dark and light are equal
and tomorrow the dark half of the year will begin.

Siobhan: That is why we celebrate today.

It is the balance point between light and dark.
It is the beginning of the return of the cool and dark.
To the warm time as it leaves we say:
Hail and Farewell!
To the cool time as it comes in we say Welcome!
Be gentle with your cold, be loving with your dark.

(Light the sun candle.)

Roland: Even as the warm time passes,

the light of the sun remains.
He is in our midst,
the Lord of the sky.
The rains of spring will come again
And bring life from the earth.

(Hold up the bread and corn, and some of any other harvest if desired)

Morgan: All summer the food has been growing

and now Harvest is here.
These are both sacred grains:
Corn, the sacred grain of this country
Wheat, the sacred grain of our ancestors.
We bless them.
May they bless us.

After dinner (just before dessert)

Kids: The sun has nourished the fruits of summer

and now it fades from the sky.

Seosaidh: Let us return to the world renewed by our communion with the Gods. Let time and space resume their normal course.

Siobhan: It is done. Walk with wisdom.