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These are the lyrics I have for the songs included in Keltrian ritual. Some may be familiar from other trads, some not. I'd hoped to find links for the tunes, but I think I'm gong to have to resort to making MP3 files of me singing them from memory :-).

These can all be found in Other Druids' Liturgies from "A Reformed Druid Anthology." The versions I learned through Keltira may differ slightly from the ADF versions.

Possible alternate: While perusing ADF's Ritual Chants for music, I found Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhel, which might serve as a replacement for the three Triad songs (Mothers and Fathers, Fur and Feather, and Be With Us). Opinions?

People of the Oak

We are the People of the Oak
Gathered at the sacred well.
Joined here the Old Ones to invoke
So to weave our magic spell.

We are the children of the wood
Standing in the faerie ring.
Here, where the mighty ones have stood
Praises to the Gods we bring.

Manannan Chant

O' Son of sea to you we pray - Manannan Mac Lir
To part the veil so that we may - Call the Wise Ones here
Open now the watery veil - To the spirits' domain
In your coracle may they sail - to our hearts again.

Mothers and Fathers of Old

From far across this mortal plane,
   Mothers and Fathers of Old.
We pray that ye return again,
   Mothers and Fathers of Old.
To share with us the mysteries
   And secrets long untold,
Of the ancient ways we seek to reclaim,
   Mothers and Fathers of Old.

Fur and Feather

Fur and feather and scale and skin,
Different without, but the same within,
Many of Body, but one of soul,
Through all creatures are the Gods made whole.

Be with us anew

Be with us anew
Sacred Gods of ancient lore,
As we have been with you
And will be with you once more.

Mead Chant

Pass the cup and share the bounty
   Of this golden mead.
O' milk of clover, yeast and bee
   Unite us in our creed.
Pass the horn and share the blessings
   Of this sacred brew,
That all may know the joy to be
   The Children of Danu.

Walk With Wisdom

Walk with wisdom
   From this hallowed place,
Walk not in sorrow
   Our roots shall e'er embrace.
May strength be your brother
   and honor your friend
And luck be your lover
   Until we meet again.