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Thoughts Self And The Universe

Subject: Thoughts, self and the universe
Posted to the Zocalo by Roland on: February 28, 2008, 09:55:07 PM

The "self" isn't the part that's one with the universe, insofar as anything is "individual." The observer is the "true self," the part of us that's US. The thoughts, that concept of "I was just saying to myself," as Oprah put it, THAT'S the part that's the universe! It's the interface. It can be the muse, the zeitgeist, the awe in a church or a movie or a gabfest with your best friends and everything makes sense...or it can be the mundanity, the herd mentality, conformity or the imp of the perverse. These things are both within us and not, struggling to exalt and empower us on one side, or to enthrall and confine us on the other.