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Adamant Promo Clip Description

(This is the description of a "promo clip" for the Adamant origin film, of the sort that gets taken to chat shows when the promotion of the film goes into full swing.)

"We're almost ready, Doctor Banner," Jen said, watching the professor carefully.

"Good, Jen," Banner replied absently, frowning slightly at the computer. Around them, the medical lab hummed with machinery, their privacy secured by cutting-edge security. The doctor glanced at one of the outer doors. "We should be ready soon." He opened a panel beneath the console in front of the gamma chamber and pulled himself into place beneath the bank of controls. "I just have to calibrate hnn the gamma emitter. It's going to be hard enough getting the dose exact from the inside, I want everything running as smoothly as possible." There was a loud clank. "Ow! Oh, for...if I survive, this time I'm asking Betty to marry me, I swear to God." The lab assistant smiled.

Jen watched Dr. Banner carefully until he was shoulder-deep in the gamma calibration system, then quietly switched the experiment parameters from his data to hers. Then she ran as quietly as she could to the test chamber and hit the door seal. Several tense seconds passed while the door slowly swung shut, but finally, it hissed into place, the security rods locking with distinct clangs.

That got Bruce's attention. "Jennifer?" he asked, peering out from the calibrator.

"Here," she said over the intercom.

"Wait, what?" Banner blurted, then yanked himself upright to see his lab assistant smiling uncertainly through the thick window separating the test chamber from the rest of the lab. He banged once on the plexiglass. "Jen!" he shouted. "Get out of there!"

"It's all right, Doctor," she replied calmly. "This was always part of the plan."

Bruce grimaced. "Not my plan." He whipped out his cell phone. "You can still shut this down. Hit the cut-off switch, it's--"

"I know where the switch is, sir," she said, just a hint of a shake in her voice as she removed her lab coat.

Bruce noted with wry pride that she had loose-fitting clothing underneath. "You've thought this out," he muttered, then straightened. "Betty, I need you in the gamma lab," he said desperately into the phone. "I'll tell you when you get here, just hurry. We've got a -- situation." Hanging up, he immediately fell on the controls, flipping switches and checking monitors.

"No external override, remember?" Jen said, adjusting the chair for her smaller frame. "Even you can't hack this security in --" she looked up. "Two and a half minutes."

Bruce looked back up, somewhere between fury and desperation. "I'm going to damn well try. I won't let you do this, Jen, it's too dangerous!"

"That's exactly why I have to do this," Jen insisted firmly, prepping the injectors as Betty came into the lab. "You're too valuable, Doctor." She started placing electrodes on her body.

"Too valuable for what -- oh, no," Betty gasped. "Bruce, are you insane?" She stalked over to the control console, quickly shifting from uncertain to outraged. "You can't use Jen as a test subject! She's a lab assistant, not a lab rat!"

Bruce exhaled. "Why do you think I called you? We need to shut the test chamber down!" He gestured to one of the other consoles. "Get on the regeneration matrix, maybe you can switch it off."

Jen looked from Bruce to Betty. "This wasn't his idea, Doctor Ross. I helped him set the chamber up for his biometric data, but switched it to mine while he wasn't looking."

Betty's gaze flipped from Bruce to Jen and back, briefly taking in Bruce's own loose-fitting clothes. "Wait, you were going to do this to yourself?! Are you -- oh, never mind!" She flipped through screen windows for a few seconds, then slowed to a stop and sighed. "Bruce, we can't stop it in time."

"I won't accept that," Bruce replied fiercely, going through systems even more quickly.

"Bruce," Betty said again, firmly. Banner looked up to see his partner looking grim. "The best thing we can do now is to make sure Jennifer comes out of there in one piece."

For a moment, Bruce's jaw spasmed defiantly. Then he exhaled and sighed. "You're right. When aren't you?" he added with a dry chuckle. "Okay. Let's have a look at these numbers."

"I have a better chance than you, Doctor," Jen added, "and you know it."

Bruce rumbled something unintelligible. "Okay, at least I can calibrate this more effectively from out here...whoa, Betty, take a look at this amygdala reading."

"Dial back point five," Betty replied quickly, Bruce complying immediately. "That would have been ugly," she added darkly. "If she'd had her amygdala stripped..."

"Yeah, I saw Serenity too," Bruce noted with a sardonic grin.

Betty paused, looking over at him. "Bruce? Would Jen have caught that?"

Their eyes met for a moment. Bruce turned back to his console without another word, quickly examining the remaining readings. A yellow light came on with an even tone. "One minute," Bruce noted quietly. "Everything ready as it can be. Given how much we don't know. Jen, for God's sake, you don't have to do this."

"Someone has to," she replied calmly, climbing into the test chair. "We've been over this, Doctor. If I didn't believe in your work, I wouldn't have wanted to help you with it. You were always going to do more good out there than in here."

Dr. Ross placed a gentle hand on Banner's shoulder. "She's got a point, Bruce." She turned to Jen. "This is the General's fault, I take it?"

Jen's hands tightened on the armrests. "You heard what he said." She grinned nervously. "Doctor Banner decided he was the only ethical test subject. I disagreed."

"You failed to mention that," Bruce said dryly.

Doctor Ross turned slowly to face Doctor Banner. "You should talk."

Bruce exhaled raggedly. "Thirty seconds. Hold as still as you can. Arms are in position. Head straight, eyes forward...good," he said, Jen already in position. "We're tracking at nominal." He didn't say anything else, but Jen knew that he was still worrying about all the things he didn't know. "Fifteen seconds."

"Doctor Ross?" Jen asked suddenly.

Betty looked up in surprise. "Yes, Jen?"

The lab assistant smiled. "When he asks, say 'yes.'" The green target laser slid across her forehead, stopping the moment it was dead center.

Injectors hissed. Gamma projectors hummed. Lights flickered. Jen gasped.

The entire lab echoed with the roar of a power surge made manifest, a single arc of electricity shooting up the side of the test chamber. For an instant after, everything was dark. Before Bruce or Betty could do more than take breaths to react, there was a BANG from inside the chamber, and consoles lit up again in the rest of the lab, followed by emergency lights.

Smoke of some kind filled the test chamber. Doctors Banner and Ross looked at each other, then Bruce hit the once-again functioning intercom. "Jen? Jen, respond."

The only response was the smoke swirling inside as something moved -- something big. A sound of equipment being smashed echoed through the test chamber. Betty tapped Bruce's shoulder and pointed at one of the readouts. As they looked from test chamber to the screen, gamma emitters went off-line one by one.

Neither of them could make out anything clearly, but they caught the occasional movement. A blur of silver-gray, like a metal bar swinging. A burst of motion, followed by the test chamber shuddering. A crushing blow reminiscent of a piston slamming down.

Betty rummaged through her lab coat desperately, taking out her phone a moment later and hitting "record." Bruce raised an eyebrow. Betty scowled a bit. "It's the only camera I know is working," she said quietly, "and we have to document this."

"Down," was all Bruce said in response, both scientists' eyes widening as the massive chair surfaced through the smoke, lifted as if a child's toy. They dove away just before it crashed through the window and into the far wall.

A huge figure followed it, still wreathed in smoke but clearly enormous. Its power was clear when it brushed against one of the lab tables, demolishing the side of it. There was a growl of frustration, and a massive hand tore a sink out of the devastated table. It threw the sink across the room, destroying another computer. Bruce and Betty stood just as it turned and stepped into the dim light. They gasped as one. "Jen?" Bruce asked.

A powerfully-muscled figure towered over them, breathing in quiet growls. Her head plowed through one of the doused lights, the shallow cut healing before their eyes. She waved savagely for them to move out of the way. "Quiet!"

"What?" Bruce asked in shock. Betty half-yanked, half-dragged him out of the way.

"QUIET!" she roared again, leaping through where Bruce had been a second earlier. With a swift two-handed slam, she crushed the gamma calibrator that Bruce had been working on mere minutes earlier. She paused, head tilting as if listening for something.

After a few seconds, she smiled and relaxed. "Quiet," she said in relief, and began to shrink. Two seconds, two feet and two hundred pounds later, Jennifer Jones gently collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

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