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Cyrus Fenton

Code name: Scourge

Threat rating: Beta

Mr. Fenton is a member of the mutant sub-species known as Garou, responsible for the legends of werewolves. His motives remain largely a mystery, but it is believed that he works for Loki of his own free will. As a particularly powerful and skilled member of his people, Fenton possesses the power to transform into a wolf, as well as a wolf-man with claws and teeth that can rip through steel. His healing factor will heal him of any damage other than from silver or fire in a matter of moments. Fenton also wields a variety of psychic powers that he uses to intimidate, terrify or paralyze his enemies, usually directed through different howls. He has superhuman senses of undetermined but extremely high accuracy. He has a power that is either teleportation or invisible phasing, but Fenton must concentrate on a reflective surface for a moment to use this ability. According to our limited intelligence on the Garou, Fenton may also have or develop further abilities, possibly through Lokiís tutelage. He is considered a Beta-class threat, capable of killing large numbers without remorse and posing a terminal threat to any S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, up to and including Avengers Initiative members. Engage with extreme caution.