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Gift Cost Examples

Example One: Powerstar's Gifts are based on some of the most primal legends of the Empowered universe. His energy powers, for example, come from the overall concept of a latter-day "sky god," and also neatly match the broadest concepts of psychokinesis. He can generate and control force, heat, light, electricity, and magnetism (but not fire). This "Skyforce" Element is determined to have a value of four, and serves as his Primary Component. Powerstar's player wants to be able to affect this energy in almost any way imaginable. He takes a Secondary Component of Master, which grants him a wide range of Actions and has a value of five. The Skyforce Gift's Rank is eight (4 + 5 - 1).

Fortunately for Powerstar, his player has a lot of DP available, and the Narrator is allowing characters to have Gifts available up to Legendary Scale. All basic Gifts in this campaign start at Heroic level one, as per the standard rules. After looking over the Scale chart, the player decided to make the Skyforce Gift level L-7, which requires purchasing 17 levels at a cost of 136 (8 * 17) DP. Powerstar is then given nine (!) additional Secondary Components, for an further cost of 72 (8 * 9) DP. The final cost of this Gift at character creation is an impressive 208 (136 + 72) Development Points, for an equally impressive and versatile power.

Example Two: Andrea Florio is one of the best agents U.N.I.T. One has, based on her talents alone. She does, however, have a few minor Gifts that give her a useful edge against the likes of VORTEX and Dr. Ivory. One of these Gifts is her ability to see into the infrared spectrum, allowing her to track by heat and pick up targets in the dark. Its Primary Component is the value one Action of Sense, and the Secondary Component is infrared radiation, a value one Element. Her Spectrum Sight Gift has a Rank of one (1 + 1 - 1).

After consulting the chart, Agent Florio's player buys Spectrum Sight to H-4 (approximately 60 meters) and takes the Restriction Component "Heat-Flare," which allows a savvy opponent to blind Andrea's infrared vision with a sudden burst of heat or flame. The Narrator approves of this Restriction and determines its game mechanics. The power is now complete: four levels with a total DP cost of four (1 * 4) and a Restriction Component that returns one DP (1 * -1), for a final cost of a mere three (4 - 1) Development Points.

Now you know why Andrea has so many more Skills than Powerstar.