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Ophelia Sarkissian

Code name: Viper

Threat rating: Alpha

Ms. Sarkissian is Hydra’s top field agent. Their propaganda describes her as the deadliest human alive, and while we have proven this to be demonstrably untrue, Sarkissian remains one of the most dangerous enemies S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever faced. Sarkissian is a mutant with the ability of teleportation, possessing a secondary power of a healing factor that extends her life and renders her immune to all known toxins. Her green-tinged extremities are the result of her drinking various lethal concoctions that allow her to poison targets at will. It bears noting that this technique is an exploitation of her mutant ability, and not an actual super-power.

Sarkissian is also one of the world’s most powerful martial artists, possessed of techniques that rival those of Agent Woo. Though incapable of extended superhuman exertion, Sarkissian can briefly perform such feats as punching through steel, leaping more than twenty feet, and even dodging bullets. Hydra has also given her unlimited access to their arsenal, providing her with everything from poisoned throwing darts to a Vibranium whip capable of slicing through concrete to their most advanced vehicles. Added together, this makes Sarkissian an Alpha-class threat, and she should be handled accordingly. Viper’s operations have threatened S.H.I.E.L.D.’s existence in the past, and it can by surmised that they will again in the future.