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Pallas Andromeda Fisher

Real Name: Pallas Andromeda Kyrkos Fisher sites)
Current Alias: Captain Fury
Aliases: Black Fury, Favored by Phoenix (Philodox of the Black Furies)

Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9" / 8' 5" (crinos)
Eyes: Brown / gold
Hair: black / black (
Unusual Features: Garou
Stat Block

Fitness = ##

  • Strength = ##
  • Health = ##
  • Skills:
    • Skill 1
    • Skill 2
    • copy as needed
    • to other Attributes

Agility = ##

  • Reflexes = ##
  • Coordination = ##

Perception = ##

  • Awareness = ##
  • Insight = ##

Intelligence = ##

  • Memory = ##
  • Reasoning = ##

Spirit = ##

  • Charisma = ##
  • Willpower = ##


  • Perseverance Points = ##
  • Quest Points = ##

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1.  Description

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Pallas Kyrkos Fisher is Executive Assistant to the CEO of The Safe Night Foundation. The public arm of The Safe Night Foundation “works to end the subjugation of and violence toward women through education, intervention, and social reform.” The private arm of the foundation is a network of groups providing confidential shelters, safe houses, and other aid to women and families who are victims of domestic violence. The foundation now operates in 13 Western states, and partners in other similar organizations across the nation. Her mother, Xylia Kyrkos, is the current CEO of the foundation.

Pallas is an elder Philodox of the Black Fury Tribe, known as Favored by Phoenix among her people.

Pallas holds a BS in Sociology and an MA in Criminal Justice. She is a licensed private investigator. Her official biography with the Foundation also lists some brief (unspecified) law enforcement experience.

2.  History

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Occupation: Pallas' day job is Executive Assistant to the CEO of The Safe Night Foundation. When pressed, she say that that means she does specialized confidential tasks for the Foundation, as needed. Then she will smile and wait for the next question.

What Pallas actually does is to investigate things that are out of the usual scope of a charitable organization. The Furies take their protection of women quite seriously. Pallas has been known to visit powerful men who are obstructing the Foundation's good work, for instance. As an elder Philodox, she is also called upon to mediate and adjudicate conflicts between garou inside and outside her tribe. She is known to be a fair judge, but not one you call on lightly. She takes the Litany and the law seriously, though not without compassion.

Relatives: Dr. Xylia Kyrkos, mother. Xylia holds degrees in Greek History and Religious Studies. She the current CEO of The Safe Night Foundation. Xylia is an Elder Theurge of the Black Furies tribe, and a member of the Moon Daughters group within the tribe.

Xylia and Pallas have a less formal relationship than many Fury mothers and daughters. Xylia was one of the few Furies who was fairly involved in her daughter’s life before her First Change. Because Xylia knew that Pallas would be an important member of the tribe, she made sure to steer Pallas toward skills and interests that would be the most helpful.

Phillip Petrakas, father. Phillip is a captain in the Seattle Police Department. He is Xylia’s mate and was Pallas’ primary caregiver until her First Change. In recent years, Phillip and Damien have become very close, commiserating on raising daughters in the shadow of the Furies.

Damien Fisher, mate/husband. Damien is a former Olympic decathlete. He is now an assistant coach for the decathlon team at the University of Oregon. He also volunteers with his daughter Rhea’s track and field team. Damien is Black Fury Kinfolk. His grandmother is a Fury; his mother never Changed. Neither did his sister.

Damien’s family moved to Seattle when he was in middle school. He and Pallas went to school together there. Damien was smitten with Pallas almost from first sight. They began dating in high school, and were briefly separated in college while Damien competed and Pallas began working with the Foundation. It was somewhere in this time that Pallas actually took Damien as her mate, though not her husband.

Rhea was born about two years after that. Pallas kept the baby with her in Oregon for a time. (Partially) Because of her growing commitments to the Furies, Pallas sent 18 month old Rhea to live with Damien and his mother in Seattle. At that time, it was SOP to leave ‘baby’ Furies to be raised by kinfolk until the First Change. Pallas and Damien’s relationship changed significantly shortly after that.

In the opening days of The Reckoning, the Garou failed to consider that their Kinfolk would be drawn into the conflict. Damien and Rhea were visiting Pallas in Eugene. Pallas’ pack was called off to deal with a smallish nest of new vampires. Damien was watching over Rhea and Zoe, the 4 year old daughter of the Pallas’ Sept leader. Just after Damien put the girls down for bed, two ghouls broke into the house with plans to make off with the toddlers. Damien manages to fight them off, actually killing one. He evacuates the girls to the sept proper. Other caregivers are warned, and the sept avoided losing their entire next generation. The sept leader, Claws-Through-Bone, grants Damien a pretty much open ended boon in return for his service to the sept. Damien insist that the payment be negotiated directly with Pallas. What he asks for in payment is that Pallas marry him, and that she and Rhea take his name. It scandalized Xylia, the sept, and arguably the tribe (Furies mate, but rarely marry), but she agreed.

When they are out in public together, Pallas will answer to Mrs. Fisher.

Damien, Rhea, and his mother have since moved into Pallas’ house at the edge of the Eugene sept, where they live as one happy family.

Rhea Fisher, daughter. Rhea is a typical 14 year old girl. She has a definite aptitude for sports. Rhea doesn’t know about the Garou, the Black Furies, or that her mother is Captain Fury. As far as she knows, her mother works for the Safe Night Foundation, and sometimes has to travel on confidential assignments as part of her job.

Beyond being an accomplished track and field athlete, Rhea is also being trained in hand to hand combat at her mother's and grandmother's insistence. Rhea doesn't know that Xylia has forseen her future as a great Ahroun of the Furies.

Rhea lives with her parents and maternal grandmother.

3.  Origin

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4.  Powers and Abilities


5.  Advantages and Disadvantages


6.  Equipment

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7.  Notes

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8.  Trivia

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9.  Tropes

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