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Scale Chart

The Scales of Wonder Quest, for general reference. Trivial and Primal Scales pending, but probably won't be done until/unless they become relevant.

 ForceRange/distanceArea (diameter)Speed
120kg20 meters2 meters1 m/s
230kg30 m3 m2 m/s
340kg40 m4 m3 m/s
460kg60 m6 m4 m/s
580kg80 m8 m5 m/s
6120kg120 m12 m6 m/s
7160kg160 m16 m7 m/s
8240kg240 m24 m8 m/s
9320kg320 m32 m9 m/s
10480kg480 m48 m10 m/s (36 kph)
11-5 tons*2 km100 m100 kph
25-10 t4 km200 m175 kph
310-50 t8 km300 m250 kph
450-100 t15 km400 m400 kph
5100-500 t30 km500 m700 kph
6500-1 kt60 km600 m1200 kph (Mach 1)
71-5 kt125 km700 mMach 2
85-10 kt250 km800 mMach 4
910-50 kt500 km900 mMach 6
1050-100 kt1000 km1 kmMach 8
1over 1 megaton (any 1 manmade)globalmountain/town (5 mi. diameter).001c (1,080,000 kph)
2small city/asteroidinterplanetarycity/small county.01c
3large city/mountainlocal starsstate/province.1c
4state/small countrynearby starscontinent/moonc
5continent/moondistant starssmall planet (Earth100 c
6Earth (rock world)across the galaxylarge planet (Jupiter)local interstellar travel (within a day)
7gas giantnearby galaxiessmall star (Sol)spiral arm travel
8small star (Sol)local galactic clusterslarge star/ any single objectintra-galactic travel
9any single objectdistant galactic clustersolar systemintergalactic travel
10solar systemuniversestellar clustergalactic cluster travel

* 1 using metric tons