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The Invincible Adamant

(This is a synopsis of the hypothetical origin movie for Adamant, written more or less in the style of a Wikipedia or Marvel Wiki entry. For the sort-of-trailer video see Adamant trailer.)

Jennifer Jones was a second-year grad student at UC Berkley, working towards a Ph.D. in Physics, and one of Dr. Bruce Banner's lab assistants. The movie opens with Drs. Banner and Ross bringing Jen to Stan's, a local pizza place, to celebrate her acceptance into Banner's project. While they're there, she takes a drunk's car keys, and her friend Marlo notes to the other lab assistants that Jen's parents were killed by a drunk driver. The next day, General "Thunderbolt" Ross came to the lab to pressure Dr. Banner to begin human trials on the Super Soldier process he was working on, saying if Banner didn't then he'd give the project to a lab that would. As Ross' daughter Betty ran after him to protest, Jen was the only one to hear when Banner decided that the only ethical option was to use himself as the test subject. She also noticed that, of all the people who'd been used for computer models, her numbers gave a higher probability of success than Banner's.

After convincing him that he needed to have someone "outside the glass" to assist, the two worked for a couple of days to set up the experiment. When Banner had to go under a console for one of the final steps in the process, Jen entered the chamber herself and locked him out. The safeties prevented anyone from being locked in, and Dr. Banner (and Betty, who arrived just after Jen locked the chamber down) tried to convince her to stop, but, as Bruce put it later, she was adamant. Jen defended her decision by saying Banner was too valuable to take the risk himself. When they realized that they weren't going to talk her out, the two scientists worked to make sure the process went as well as possible. Betty noticed that one of the adjustments Banner made was one Jen might have missed if it had been her at the console instead of Bruce.

Jen was injected with the serum, but as the gamma emitters fired up the lights in the lab flickered out. Bruce and Betty watched with growing concern as there was a scream, and then a crash, from inside the chamber. What looked like a huge gray fist struck the safety glass, cracking it, and after a moment the massive chair from the chamber crashed through the window. (Rather than write the rest of this out again, see the Adamant promo clip description.)

Several hours later, Jen woke up in Banner's impromptu back-up lab in a back room at Stan's, as Bruce was blaming himself, reminding Betty how "adamant" Jen could be when she set her mind on something. Jen had a vague recollection of smashing devices that were making irritating "noise," and of seeing things from an odd perspective. She was fine -- very fine. The loose clothing she had worn for the experiment was torn, but Betty had provided her with a Cal t-shirt and purple sweat pants (apologizing that she was in a hurry and it was the only thing she could find *g*).

The doctors Banner and Ross proceeded to show her their cell-phone video of a huge silver-grey Jen smashing every gamma emitter in the lab (and a few other things by accident -- it was eventually determined that she was suffering from sensory overload on senses she'd never dealt with before), though she was clearly careful not to hurt Bruce or Betty. Banner showed her a slide with a sample of her blood, and how the cells changed when exposed to electricity. They also explained why they were at Stan's -- the two had gotten Jen and as much of the data as they could out before Gen. Ross came to investigate the "explosion," which he assumed was Banner sabotaging the lab. They'd taken her to Betty's friend Dr. Samson for a quick checkup and for cover, then to Bruce's "back-up lab" to decide what to do next.

What they did do next was fight off a squad of Hydra goons who'd come to nab the three (the lab assistant might know something useful, after all). Banner gave Jen the laptop and told her to hide in another room, but she became increasingly frightened listening to the goons grabbing Bruce and Betty. Then she became angry when she heard them knock Stan down when he came back to investigate the noise. Hearing them prepare to shoot the old man was the last straw. Jen "bulked up" and crashed through the wall, breaking the goon's arm as she swiped the gun aside. Another Hydra trooper came in wearing an exo-suit with a flame thrower, and she proceeded to turn the suit into a metal straight jacket. Then, seeing the room starting to catch on fire, she took a deep breath and blew out the flames. The crisis averted, the three (Stan was still unconscious) shared a nervous laugh, and Jen returned to her normal size despite an effort to stay bulked. This time, she remembered what had happened while she was "the other gal."

Over the next few days, the three found out that Dr. Reed Richard's team had been transformed by cosmic energies on the same day as their Super Soldier trial, and went to New York to consult. Banner mentioned that he'd talked to Prof. Xavier, who had also noticed an increase in mutant activity starting about the same time, making it increasingly difficult to dismiss mutants as "just rumors." As both Jen and Ben Grimm put it, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is either enemy action, a conspiracy, or both.

While they were visiting Pier 4, there was an attack on the George Washington Bridge by several robots, and the rest of the world learned of the Fantastic Four. (The Mad Thinker was surprised that the "Consensus" had seen his "Awesome Androids.") Jen helped out from inside the warehouse, since being seen in her "super" form on the East Coast when she was known to be in the area would pretty much give away her secret. Reed gave Jen a tank top and shorts set made of unstable molecules, so that her drastic changes in size wouldn't result in... catastrophic wardrobe malfunctions.

Upon returning to California, the trio spent the next several days examining the nature of "the other gal," taking what samples they could, testing her strength and resilience, and training her to control both her transformation and her power. They made a few trips to a junkyard where she could lift and crush vehicles, until the owners began noticing the number of cars that "crushed themselves." Riding her bike home after one session, Jen was run off the road by a drunk driver. Before she could think about it she transformed, bounded onto the road and stopped the car with her bare hands, scaring the bejeezus out of the driver, whom no one believed when he told them of the silver amazon. During the discussion about the next day, Bruce noted that Jen could be "adamant" about drunk drivers, and this time the name stuck.

After the incident with the drunk, Agent Coulson arrived to ask Dr. Banner if he had any information about "this person," and while Banner didn't give Jen away it was pretty clear that S.H.I.E.L.D. had picked up on the Adamant-related weirdness in Berkeley. Shortly thereafter, Banner's old mentor Dr. Geoffrey Crawford arrived, asking Bruce about the data the lab had sent him. Crawford was desperately searching for a way to cheat death, but Banner was reluctant to provide so volatile a process. Shortly after that, Gen. Ross arrived on campus with an entire company of soldiers to arrest Banner for treason. Hiding in the lab, Jen desperately called Coulson, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent arrived and proceeded to shut Gen. Ross down (with some help from the President), forcing Ross to release Dr. Banner. Before leaving, Coulson noted that S.H.I.E.L.D. was more understanding of "unusual cases" than were most government agencies.

Realizing that keeping Jen's secret was rapidly becoming untenable, Bruce and Betty started making contingency plans, but those were cut off when Dr. Samuel Sterns, a scientist working on another branch of the Super Soldier project, called Banner. He said that he was about to "process" Dr. Crawford, and that if Bruce wanted to avoid an unfortunate incident he should help. Bruce signaled Betty to call S.H.I.E.L.D. while he talked Sterns through the process, but something clearly went wrong and the call was cut off. Jen offered her gamma-sensing ability to track Sterns down, leading the three to an old fallout shelter in the woods east of the campus. They directed S.H.I.E.L.D. to the site, but as their transport moved in Crawford exploded out of the shelter. It quickly became clear that even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best were no match for the self-described "abomination of science," and Adamant leapt in to help.

The Abomination headed toward Oakland to show off his new power and regained youth. Adamant again jumped after him, and the two super-beings traded blows at a construction site. They demolished a few trucks and most of the partially-built building, with Adamant forced to catch a girder that Abomination threw at a news helicopter -- giving them pretty clear video of her. Eventually, Adamant gained the upper hand, literally pounding Abomination into the ground. Unlike Jen, he didn't become fully human when his power receded, and was still tall and green when Adamant leapt back to the shelter to hand him to S.H.I.E.L.D. In response to the thousand questions shouted at her, she only identified herself as "Adamant," leaving a media frenzy in her wake.

After this battle, government interest in Adamant mysteriously dried up. Gen. Ross was assigned to the East Coast, and S.H.I.E.L.D. kept out the other "alphabet agencies," as Coulson put it. Samson returned, six inches taller with long green hair, and there was no sign of Sterns or a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Blonski, but the situation seemed under control. Jen returned to her apartment, only to find her roommate Marlo wearing one of the Adamant t-shirts that sidewalk hawkers were already selling. Her life, it was clear, would never be the same.

In the post-credit scene, Nick Fury arrived at Banner's lab to mention to Drs. Banner and Ross (and Jen, who he clearly wasn't surprised to see there) that a woman like Adamant could do a lot of good with S.H.I.E.L.D. He was particularly interested in recruiting this invincible heroine for a project he called the Avengers Initiative...