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Wolfgang Von Strucker

Supreme Hydra

Threat rating: ULTIMATE

Baron Strucker is the current leader of Hydra, and is the primary reason that the organization still exists. A prominent member of the Nazi Party during the 30s and the early years of World War II, he became increasingly disillusioned with the direction the Axis took during the war. Eventually, he joined the Operation Valkyrie conspiracy, and fled to Hydra when the plan fell apart. There, he quickly rose to a leadership position, becoming third-in-command under Baron Heinrich Zemo.

After the disappearance of the Red Skull, he would struggle with Zemo for control of the organization for over 30 years. Kept relatively young by a horrifying vampiric device known as the Satan Claw, Strucker would finally assume complete control over Hydra with Baron Zemo’s final defeat in 1980. Ever since, he has proven the fascist conspiracy’s most capable leader, using a cell structure that turns Doctor Schmidt’s catch phrase into a philosophy: cut off one head, and two shall take its place. Baron Strucker is currently the only baseline human given an Ultimate threat rating by S.H.I.E.L.D. His strategic acumen and ability to prepare for the most extensive setbacks have ensured Hydra’s survival when it should have collapsed entirely.