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D.J. Callahan

Gunnery Chief D.J. Callahan (ret.) is an experienced Alliance Marine with an impressive service record, including combat in a wide range of theaters. Skilled with the entire arsenal of Alliance weaponry and tough enough to face the infamous krogan charge and survive, she's faced most of the dangers the galaxy has to offer a human soldier.

Tentative backstory: Born on Earth c.2151, her parents moved the family to Terra Nova when she was three; the transport is her earliest memory. She enlisted c.2170 during the post-Mindoir recruitment drive, both to serve the Alliance and to see the galaxy on someone else's credits. Reenlisted c.2178 for a further two years, still being undecided about her future. Later that year, she served during the Theshaca Raids after the assault on Torfan. Her unit found itself facing a much larger pirate base than expected, and the only reason her unit lasted as long as it did was her taking a lot of fire for her squad. They still lost a few people. The entire unit would have been killed, though, except Scipio Armax was patrolling the area making sure they didn't need backup. Zero noted Callahan's skill and offered her a position with his crew should she ever leave the Alliance Marines. Between the famous Spectre's offer and the Alliance's reaction to her queries about the lack of backup, she declined to reenlist after 10 years of service, and is still serving with Spectre Armax when he recruits Edith Sinclair.