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  • 500 BCE: Founding of the Citadel Council (0 GS aka Galactic Standard)
  • 1 CE: The Rachni Wars
  • 300 CE: The rachni are declared extinct.
  • 700 CE: The Krogan Rebellions
  • 900 CE: The turians are granted a seat on the Citadel Council
  • 1600 CE: The first sightings of the Collectors are reported in the Terminus Systems. In Citadel space, the claims are dismissed as unsubstantiated rumors and tall tales.
  • 1895 CE: The Geth War
  • 2077 CE: Liara T'Soni is born.
  • 2137 CE: David Anderson is born.
  • 2139 CE: Saren Arterius is born.
  • 2148 CE: Humanity discovers Mass Effect physics
  • 2149 CE: Charon Relay discovered; Systems Alliance charter signed
  • 2151 CE: Kaidan Alenko and DJ Callahan are born.
  • 2154 CE: Shepard is born (4.11.2154) on Mindoir, after a second publicized accident involving the exposure of humans to element zero.
  • 2157 CE: The First Contact War (aka the Relay 314 Incident)
  • 2159 CE: Saren Arterius becomes the youngest turian to be inducted into the Spectres (age 20).
  • 2168 CE: Scipio Armax joins the Spectres.
  • 2170 CE: Mindoir is attacked by batarian slavers. Many colonists are killed or captured. A 16-year-old Shepard survives, but loses his entire family. D.J. Callahan enlists in the Alliance military.
  • 2172 CE: Shepard enlists in the Alliance military.
  • 2173 CE: Kaidan Alenko enlists in the Alliance military.
  • 2176 CE: Attack on Elysium, later known as the Skyllian Blitz. Lieutenant Shepard saves the colony almost single-handedly, becoming a hero.
  • 2177 CE: A unit of fifty Alliance marines is wiped out by thresher maws on Akuze. Senior Lieutenant Edith Hawke-St. Clair is the only known survivor. Unbeknownst to the rest of the galaxy, Corporal Toombs also lives, but is captured by Cerberus.
  • 2178 CE: After the Torfan Incident, the Alliance engages in the "Theshaca Raids" to put a stop to batarian piracy in the Armstrong Nebula. During one of these raids, the unit Chief Callahan is serving with finds itself badly outnumbered. Callahan distinguished herself in a holding action that keeps the squad's losses down until Zero Armax brings his team in to eliminate the pirates and relieve the humans.
  • 2180 CE: Chief Callahan allows her enlistment to expire and joins up with Spectre Armax.
  • 2183 CE: The Eden Prime War.
    • April-July: The events of Mass Effect 1 take place.
    • Late August: One month after the Battle of the Citadel, the SSV Normandy is attacked and destroyed by an unidentified assailant, resulting in the death of Commander Shepard.