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Amber is the pole of Order in the multiverse, home of the Pattern created by rebel Chaos Lord Oberon. While the Princes in Amber account their realm the One True Reality (and pretty much every other reality disagrees), their status as Lords of Order is largely undisputed. The other "poles" are Chaos, realm of the Logrus; New Genesis, home of the Source; the eponymous Abyss; and The World, which is the Axis Mundi of all known reality.

Until the Patternfall War, the World was assumed to be of little importance. However, the masters of the other four poles have recently discovered that its Gods and Titans are as powerful and "real" as those of the extremes. They might even be more powerful in some ways, able to use Order, Chaos, Creation and Destruction with equal facility. And yet they have a bizarre, unaccountable weakness: they are subject, to some extent, to the beliefs of the tiny, insignificant creatures of their reality.

From Amber, therefore, did ride Julian, normally guardian of the True Amber, to determine what import the World's civil war had on Amber and Chaos. Thus far, he has not yet reported back. Amber's current monarch, King Random, sent Benedict to follow Julian. Amber's supreme general has only reported that Chaos-touched creatures have been allowed to run rampant there, and he is in the process of reining them in.

Something of Amber's nature is chronicled in what men know as fiction by a gifted writer named Roger Zelazny. Though even in the World, his writings are a Shadow of the truth, they are a much more "real" Shadow there than in most other worlds. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to assume overmuch based on these writings. One particular fact bears noting: the "Earth" inhabited by the beauty Flora is the very World of the Axis Mundi. Once thought to be the least of her siblings in power and intellect, the Scions of Amber are seriously rethinking their assumptions about their most beautiful sister.