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Brand (aka Brend, Branagh)
The Living Trump, Exiled "God" of Amber

The fools. None of them understood. Not one. He thought Julian and Fiona would have the insight to realize the implications, but they betrayed and imprisoned him. Bleys? Corwin? Blind, the both of them. Eric was too self absorbed, and Deirdre...sweet, vicious Deirdre...she turned on him in the end, just like all the rest.

They actually thought the Abyss would consume him. His oh-so-clever brothers and sisters. They thought he could be harmed by a Principle he'd mastered. Soon, they will learn just how wrong they were. And they will wail and plead and scream, but it will avail them not. The fools...

Brand is a monster. A charming, brilliant monster, but a monster all the same. He knows all the angles, sees everyone's weaknesses, and understands exactly how to exploit them. If he were equally gifted in respecting the strengths of others, he might rule Amber to this day. Instead, he was forced to retreat into the Void. He was too much of the Quickening to die, of course, rendered invulnerable by enchanting himself to be like unto a human Trump.

Now, he manipulates the Gods of the Axis Mundae, which Amber calls Yggdrasil and Chaos calls Mount Meru. He alone realizes both are right. Gods are playthings to Scions of Amber in lesser Shadows, but here, they are the equals of Order and Chaos. That makes them the perfect weapons. He will carve a throne from Yggdrasil, set it atop broken Olympus, and rule over all: Order, Chaos, Source and Abyss alike...

Associated Powers: Conjuration, Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Magic, Pattern, Quickening. Magic sub-Purviews: Darkness, Trump. Abilities: Academics, Craft, Integrity, Larceny, Occult, Science.