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(This Purview was created by Roland for our Scion campaign.)

This magical Purview is primarily associated with the Scions of Amber and Chaos, but can also be associated with Gods of Creation. Conjuration, quite simply, is the Purview of making things, congealing them from raw Legend and ichor. This Purview is somewhat straightforward, like Mystery and Prophecy, in that it lacks variety in its function. There's little else to know. However, the ability does broaden considerably as the Scion increases in power. An object may be Conjured temporarily or permanently with no changes in difficulty or cost; temporary objects disappear at the end of the scene they were conjured in.

Use the Eight Trigram Transformation difficulty chart on pg. 97 in Scion Companion to determine the difficulty of conjuring a non-living object. By taking at least a full scene to conjure an object rather than doing so instantaneously, the Scion can use Intelligence in place of Wits, and if necessary make the conjuration an extended action. Rather than the flat 3 Legend, however, the cost in Legend is equal to the difficulty of the Ability check.

A Hero-ranked Scion can only conjure "simple" objects, meaning those without moving parts. Highly skilled Scions can conjure the most perfect "simple" objects imaginable, though, such as a katana that can cut paper with a brush of the blade or a perfect replica of Michelangelo's David. These objects cannot possess magical properties unless the Scion has an appropriate Boon/Spell from the Magic, Pattern or Quickening Purviews.

Demigod-ranked Scions can conjure non-living objects with moving parts of whatever complexity the Scion is capable of picturing. Any machine that uses a finite resource, such as fuel or ammunition, appears fully stocked, but must be restocked normally or with further (albeit much simpler) acts of Conjuration. As before, conjured objects cannot possess magical properties without use of another Purview.

God-ranked Scions can conjure living beings, creating a Creature or Followers, with the base difficulty equal to the rating of the Background from which they are derived. Conjurers creating life roll (Wits or Intelligence) + Medicine rather than Craft. Created life is always permanent. Further properties can be added to anything conjured at this level of power (Epic Attributes, Boons or other innate powers for creatures, or Relic powers for objects) at a cost of +2 difficulty per addition. Conjured creatures have knowledge equal to an adult of their species unless created younger, and do not appear with any particular loyalty to the Scion.

One particular Conjuration ability worth noting is available to any Scion with at least Conjuration * and Quickening * -- the Soul Sword. Despite the name, a Soul Sword can be any melee weapon. The Soul Sword represents the ideal hand-to-hand combat weapon of the wielder, and as such adds +1 to Accuracy, Damage and Defense to the base template. It can also be made to appear or disappear at will, making it virtually impossible to disarm the wielder. (Doing so costs one Legend or Quickening Point per activation.) Finally, the weapon is almost completely indestructible. It can parry Death's Scythe, slash through the heart of a star, or plunge into the primordial depths of the Darkness Titan-Realm without harm. Only Ultimate Attributes or Purviews (see Scion: God) can damage a Soul Sword, and even then, the Conjurer can simply banish and recreate it, fully restored.