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Sorceress Supreme and "Goddess" of Amber

The genius who laid low the deadly Brand -- okay, with a little help from a few "allies" -- Fiona goes by no other names and almost never hides who she is. Fiona takes pride in her ability to determine the course of events as she wills. While everyone fears the Princes in Amber, subtle Fiona has always determined who shall be King, the oft-unregarded Princess advising him in the background. While not truly malicious, Fiona is almost completely merciless, but she shares one thing with her ally Julian: a deep, abiding love for Amber itself.

At least, so it has been since their father Oberon abdicated. If anything softens Fiona's heart, it's knowing what the first true King in Amber did to his children. Fiona took the least brunt of it by being the smallest, quietest and easiest to overlook, but she never missed a single indignity inflicted on the heirs to "mighty Oberon." Even when Brand first went mad, she imprisoned rather than executed him. Hubris-ridden Corwin she sent to Yggdrasil for rehabilitation; she was pleasantly surprised at her slow-witted sister's success. Though she will put an end to truly mad siblings, as she attempted with Brand after his "rescue," Fiona doesn't want her family to suffer. She just wants to make sure everything is as it should be. And Fiona, of course, knows how things should be better than anyone.

The maddening thing is, she might well be right...

Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy, Pattern. Magic sub-Purview: Illusion. Abilities: Academics, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Politics, Presence