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Flora (aka Florimel, Freya, Danu)
Watcher of the Axis Mundae, "Goddess" of Amber

The most beautiful Scion of Amber speaks little of her childhood. What her siblings know is that she discovered a meaningless world called "Earth" in her youth, and has lived there almost full-time ever since. She seemed genuinely surprised when her obscure hideaway turned out to be the Axis Mundae. The rest of her family was suspicious, of course, but after a few millennia of little Florimel being so close to such power and not making the least use of it, well, even they start to believe their sister really is as comparatively dim as she seems.

Yet Flora is at the heart of considerable power in Yggdrasil. She is Freya, adopted fertility goddess of the Aesir. She is Danu, mother of an entire pantheon. She wields Boons without the need for Magic, unique among her siblings. Parlor tricks, to be sure, but could it be that sweet, flighty, innocent Flora is really the most cunning of them all? Preposterous...isn't it?

Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Appearance, Epic Perception, Earth, Fertility, Health, Pattern, Water. Abilities: Animal Ken, Empathy, Integrity, Medicine, Occult, Presence.

Note: Like Julian, she lacks Ultimate Magic, but is extremely skilled in its use. She has the sub-Purviews of Enech and Jotunblut, uniquely possible to her as founder/adopted member of the relevant Pantheons, and can pass one of them on to her Scions in place of Pattern while in the relevant identity.