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In Scion, the Gods worshiped by humanity are real. They believe that they are as mythology depicts them, but that is impossible, since every mythology depicts its elder Gods (or Titans in some cases) as the sole true creators of the cosmos. Once, wars were fought over such dogma, in The World and the Overworld alike, but for over two millennia the Gods have kept to an uneasy peace, united against the evil of the Titans.

With the appearance of the Lords of Amber, however, these origins have been thrown into question. How did their world really come to be? Who are these alien beings who are their equals, who claim to be more than Gods? What of their Titan-like rivals of the Courts of Chaos? While the Princes of Amber have turned the tide of war in their favor, the Gods are leery of their new allies, unsure of what answers they might conjure.