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House Rules

Okay, this is a quick and dirty simple rule change to allow for more manageable challenges as we move into Demigod, and especially God, status. Against mundane challenges, the Epic Attribute successes remain the same, but against anything of the divine world (other Scions, Gods, Titans and legendary monsters, but not run-of-the-mill titanspawn) each level of Epic Attribute provides one automatic success, rather than scaling. Not only is this intuitive and easy to remember, it prevents the "automatic win" state created by having a single dot higher in an Epic Attribute at the upper levels of the game. I think this is especially important given the power of Social Attributes at this level. If y'all are going into Amber, I think it's vital that the likes of Caine and Fiona with their Epic Manipulation 10+ aren't able to casually suggest you into anything they please. This will also prevent Epic Dexterity and Epic Perception from being the be-all and end-all xp sinks that they could otherwise become.

For clarity, here's a table showing how the scale changes from level to level:

Epic LevelCurrentProposed
Epic Att. 11 auto1 auto
Epic Att. 22 auto2 auto
Epic Att. 34 auto3 auto
Epic Att. 47 auto4 auto
Epic Att. 511 auto5 auto
Epic Att. 616 auto6 auto
Epic Att. 722 auto7 auto
Epic Att. 829 auto8 auto
Epic Att. 937 auto9 auto
Epic Att 1046 auto10 auto

Again, this would only affect direct divine-to-divine challenges (Joanne's character would count, since she's an Oracle), not against "extras" or mundane challenges. The Epic Strength guy can still throw battleships around. The Epic Stamina lass can still bounce artillery shells. This is just to reduce the currently outsized effect of the high-end Epic Attributes in straight Scion vs. Scion challenges.