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(This information was written up by Roland for our Scion campaign.)

Julian (aka Julius, Jiunan)
The Guardian-Hunter of Arden, "God" of Amber

Prince Julian is Amber's most important defender. Benedict is the greater general and Fiona Amber's sorceress supreme, but none surpass Julian's skill in the multidimensional forests that separate the "Golden Circle" of near-realms and Amber herself. His hunters are like demigods, his "hellhounds" are tireless quicksilver beasts, his hawks have the cunning of men, and Morganstern is the paragon of horses, the ultimate steed for the ultimate hunter.

Julian is rare among his siblings in that he has little use for the political manipulations and power plays of Amber, a trait truly shared only by Benedict and Llewella. He's too smart to ignore their import, but he stays well shut of them, devoting his time to protecting the "true world." He's spent too much time in Arden to really consider Shadow "unreal," though, and perhaps his greatest secret is that he's grown protective of Shadow's denizens, though he's not always fond of them.

His other secret is that Julian is bloody brilliant. He may be the greatest Conjurer in Amber, having forged his hawks, hellhounds, armor, and even Morganstern from the raw stuff of the universe. He's also nigh-unkillable, being one of the few Amberites to truly understand the divine power of Quickening. Julian keeps this to himself, genuinely amused at how routinely he is underestimated by his siblings.

Julian could easily take the throne, but holding it would be another story -- the Hunter God is not a people person, at least as far as his peers are concerned. Besides, he doesn't want the thing. He was genuinely loyal to Eric and remains so to Random, much to the surprise (and genuine relief) of both. He's quite happy to reside in emerald Arden, creating a verdant paradise for his billions of subjects and spending what free time he has with his Chaos-born wife Alysande and their only child Barin. Family means a lot to Julian, though he's loath to admit it. Of course, considering his father and siblings, who could blame him?

Associated Powers: Conjuration, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Perception, Epic Intelligence, Mystery, Pattern, Quickening. Abilities: Animal Ken, Awareness, Command, Control, Melee, Occult.

Note: Julian, as a Prince in Amber, cannot access Boons other than Conjuration, Mystery, Pattern, Prophecy, and Quickening without using the Magic Purview as a workaround. Though he has not mastered it sufficiently to pass a talent for Magic to his Scions, he does know Magic, to the 8th rank, along with every Guardian Boon that qualifies him for.