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The Long Road To Heaven, Act 1

In New York, a Scion of Hephaestus discovers a warrior of Heroic power who seems completely alien to the World....

In St. Louis, a Scion of Sobek takes out two Titanspawn, only to be recorded doing so by a security system owned by Kuroko Industries -- a corporation owned by another Scion.

In Los Angeles, a Scion of Lugh literally receives the call to meet with her many distant cousins.

They do not know it yet, but all are witness in some way, large or small, to the beginning of the end.

More than half the Scions in the World arrive in New York, gathered to face the growing threat of the Titanspawn. There, an event of world-shaking proportions takes place, noted by mortals only as the appearance of an odd man, riding a horse apparently dipped in silver, wearing armor out of some weird fantasy novel. The rider is Julian. The novel is Nine Princes in Amber. He is a being like unto a God, mighty as the greatest of the Pantheons. The war against the Titans has just changed forever.

During the gathering, Bands of Scions are formed to take the fight to the Titanspawn in the World. Our Heroes are united for one of the most important assignments -- find the Black Feather Shroud, a weapon of singular and terrible power that can steal the power of a God, suspected to be in the Las Vegas area. In the meantime, they learn that their world is not only the battleground between Gods and Titans, but the literal Axis Mundi for the multiverse -- equally distant between Order and Chaos (hence Julian's presence).

Other Scions of note for New York: Horace Farrow, Scion of Horus, is a US Marshall assigned (by both the government and the Gods) to investigate the Kuroko situation; Eric Donner, Scion of Thor, Horace's Band mate and ally of the Heroes; Donnie Rhodes, Scion of Aphrodite, also Horace's Band mate, there's some tension between him and Mark Ferrari; Kane Taoka, Scion of Amaterasu, owner of Kuroko Industries, "helping" Horace with his investigation since he claims the Titanspawn must have suborned his network; Seth Farrow, Scion of Set, Horace's uncle and nemesis, and Band mate of Kane's.

The Heroes travel to Vegas, with nice digs arranged for them at the Wynn Hotel, with a cover story that Mark Ferrari is having a "coming out" party of sorts, introducing his first auto designs while accompanied by heavy security (being the last small-s scion of the Ferrari family makes him valuable).

While at the Wynn, Mark is visited by a middling mob boss who was looking for Tieran. Tieran, in her eventful youth, had caused said mob boss' cousin to be sent to jail for dealing drugs to middle school students. Said mob boss was sent away without having a chance to do whatever he had planned. Later that evening, Camry and Raven pay a visit to said mob boss' compound. While Raven distracts the guard detail, such as they were, Camry spirits himself into the compound, scares the bejesus out of said mob boss, and insists that he apologize to Tieran and let bygones be bygones. Which he does. Tieran accepts the apology with all of the graciousness of a poorly brought up 16 year old.

Fate, and Tieran, lead them to a Vegas show, where a "Black Phoenix" character provides the hints that lead them into the desert outside town. Beneath the Earth, they find a strange Aztec monster after some adventures underground. It turns out that the creature is *growing* the Black Feather Shroud from its back. Mark and Tieran combined their gifts to incinerate the monster and claim the Shroud...

The heroes turn the Shroud over to the Gods to hold on to while everyone decides what to do with it.

(as posted to the Facebook group by Roland, May 2010, and updated by others)