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Long Road Act 2

This played out over several sessions, with everyone getting their chance to star. Players, feel free to fill in what you remember.

Part One, the GM remembers thusly: Julian taught Camerie how to control his "Shadow-slipping," helping him to master his facet of the Broken Pattern. The Band watches out for things slipping in through the cracks in the Broken Pattern while Camerie learns to control it. Later/elsewhere, Mark asks his father to build a protective Relic for Simone, who turns out to be an Oracle -- a mortal who is naturally connected to Fate. She turns out to already know this, and reads him the riot act. She has a long talk with Athena about the ramifications of her involvement thereafter.

Part Two, the GM remembers thusly: With the Black Feather Shroud safely (ha!) in the hands of the Gods, the Heroes are asked to do some Underworld clean-up since the dead aren't always moving on by themselves. (The Titans' breakout has messed up the very cycle of reincarnation.) They deal with: one of the slain frog-demons spawned by the Aztec beastie they got the Shroud from, a low-money roulette player who hadn't realized he'd had a heart attack, a middle-aged woman hit by a car while out on the prowl, and a blackjack dealer staring forlornly at a breakfast he didn't want thanks to the gristle he'd choked on. The Band helped them all move on with panache. At the end, several Band members are rewarded, most particularly Tieran, who is given the Spear of Lugh in trust. His eldest living mortal child carries it.