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Long Road Act 3

Via Fate threads, the Heroes got wind of a suspicious wedding chapel that recently opened at the Stratosphere. Using a cover story of Raven and Eric being prospective newlyweds, the Band went to check it out. Things proceeded to look more and more suspicious, and eventually we ended up in the "closed for renovations" amusement park area at the top. As it turns out, the titan-spawn cult that was running the chapel was killing its customers and using them to convert the roller-coaster cars into a serpent (Canopus, the one foe Cratos, the god of force, never beat). The Band fought the beastie, using a combination of both ballistic and literal fire-power, eventually taking it down. Several cool stunts were involved, notably Raven jumping on the thing and shooting it in the couplings, who then failed her have Mark reel her in to an awkward almost-embrace.

Mark figured out that the markings on the "serpent" were instructions for using the Black Feather Shroud, and about that time the Band led by Kane Taoka (Seth Farrow, Sly Guiler, Victor Fingers, Orlanda Elliot and Marie Glapion) shows up. Kane tries to use the Shroud to take his mother Amaterasu's power. The rest of the Band distracted him while Camerie literally cut the Shroud off of Kane. Taoka vanished in a "burst" of Darkness, and the rest of the Band (now kind of led by Victor) offered to clean up the mess and cover up for the light show.

Afterwards, Keyvan has a talk with Seth, and gets him to agree to share relevant intel, since despite various differences both Bands are ultimately on the same side (the one that opposes the titanspawn).