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(This Purview was created by Roland for our Scion campaign.)

Pantheon Purview: The Pattern

The Scions of Amber have access to one of the most potent Purviews imaginable: the Pattern. They can travel through "Shadow," the infinite expanse of reality between Order and Chaos, and even alter it. Pattern, as is its nature, is also disruptive towards its opposite, Chaos, and can shape-lock or kill the children of the Logrus. The mightiest Pattern wielders can create and destroy entire universes, though the poles of the multiverse – Chaos, The Source, The Abyss, Yggdrasil (The World of Scion), and of course Pattern – are immune to this Purview''s destructive powers.

Those Scions of Amber fortunate enough to be raised in their home reality typically walk the True Pattern, which grants Pattern **** upon successful completion. This should only be permitted if starting a Demigod-level game. Walking the Pattern is also extremely hazardous, and almost assuredly lethal to those without at least one level in each of Epic Stamina and Epic Wits, or Attributes and Abilities that provide a similar level of superhuman prowess. Most, however, are byblows of the mighty Princes in Amber, sired then forgotten, and must begin by learning the Broken Pattern through one mechanism or another.

* Bridge Shadowgap
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend

Even initiates of the Broken Pattern can bestride Shadow. However, they must find the "breaks in the Pattern," places where Chaos and the Abyss abide. These are typically blights, ruins and the "bad parts" of town. A Scion can only use Bridge Shadowgap once a scene at most, and sometimes it can take far longer to find the right place to walk between realities. Bridge Shadowgap cannot be used to travel between extremely divergent realities in a single go; there must be significant parallels of some kind between the origin reality and the destination (GM's call).

Worse, sometimes a Scion of Amber will acquire the Pattern Purview without realizing what it is. In such cases, they only use Bridge Shadowgap without realizing it when they accidentally or subconsciously come across a Pattern-break. The GM rolls Perception + Occult with a difficulty set by the location (and the needs of the story). A Scion who fails the check falls into a new universe, perhaps without even realizing it at first. This should not be done to the player without the consent of all concerned. The subconscious version of Bridge Shadowgap has no cost at character creation, and is primarily a Storytelling tool (and an indication that the player intends to buy the Pattern Purview).

** Sign of the Pattern
Dice Pool: Willpower + Integrity
Cost: 2 Legend

By bringing the image of the Pattern (Broken or otherwise) to mind, the Scion can resist mental assault, whether from Magic, Boons or Epic Attributes. This adds the Scion's rating in the Pattern Purview to any Willpower and/or Integrity checks while defending in psychic combat, or Social combat in which Epic Attributes are applied. It does not work against mundane Social attributes alone, even superhuman ones. When activated, the protection remains for the rest of the scene.

Alternately, a Scion with the Magic Purview can "hang" spells in the Pattern, making the rolls and spending the Legend/Willpower to cast them, then locking them in the image of the Pattern. Hero-level Scions must make a Perception + Occult check at the beginning of every story in which a spell remains hung in the Pattern from a previous story, with a difficulty equal to the spell's Magic level. Failure means the spell fell through a crack in the Pattern and was lost.

*** Ward Chaos
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend per round

Creatures of Chaos, which includes most titanspawn (normally, all save those of Aten al'Ahweh), cannot abide the touch of the Pattern. While the Broken Pattern cannot destroy such abominations, it still hurts like hell – and they'd know. The Scion spends a Legend and concentrates, aand the image of the Pattern forms in front of the character. Any affected creature must roll Stamina + Fortitude, opposed by the Scion's Wits + Occult, to pass the Pattern. Alternately, the Scion can push the Pattern image against the target, with the same opposed roll. If the target fails, the titanspawn or Chaos Lord suffers a -4 internal penalty to all rolls from sheer pain, and must make a Willpower roll with a difficulty equal to the Scion's Legend or retreat as quickly as possible. Any creature of Chaos who suffers the penalty must make a Willpower roll just to try to engage the Scion in hand-to-hand combat in the same scene if the Ward is active.

(More to come...)