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(This Purview was created by Roland for our Scion campaign.)

New Purview: Quickening

This power of immortality is only available to those who have access to either the Pattern or Logrus Purviews, or are from the Pole of Source. The power of Quickening precludes the purchase of most other Purview Boons. In the World of Scion, the reasons for this are largely unknown, though there is some suspicion that the raw divinity coursing through the immortal overrides more specialized forms of godly might. Also, when a Scion becomes an immortal, he can choose to replace Legend with a Quickening rating (this is separate from the Quickening Purview). This means the Scion can never gain power through fame, but can increase enlightenment through study and does not need fame to become stronger, either. All Scions of Amber, and most of Chaos, use Quickening instead of Legend.

* Immortality:

The most basic power of the immortal is, quite simply, not dying. This power essentially allows the character to heal from damage beyond the "Dying" health levels. It grants no further enhancement beyond the already-increased healing speed of any Scion. For further regenerative abilities, the character should purchase Epic Stamina (most immortals do). This Boon does not function if the head is removed from the body in any way.

A secondary function of Quickening is the ability to gain power and knowledge from other immortals. The stronger the immortal, the greater the reward. Should one immortal take the head of another, the victor gains twice the loser's Quickening rating in experience. Half this experience goes to the survivor's Quickening rating; the rest can be spent on any Attributes or Abilities the loser had at ranks higher than the winner's. If the loser was so weak as to have no qualifying Attributes or Abilities, the remaining xp is simply lost. The winner's pool of Legend or Quickening points is also completely refilled.

Quickening duels are fought one-on-one, and never on holy ground. The reason for the former is that any other immortals within (100 x [combined Quickening of both duelists] yards) are stunned for a scene when an immortal is slain, and they lose (victor's Quickening) in experience to the winner, which can be spent by the victor in any manner desired. The reason for the latter is that the ichor in a Scion's Quickening resonates with the Legend of such a divine nexus. The energies released by an immortal's death on holy ground causes every immortal on the same patch of holy ground to explode. No "saving throw." No exceptions. The only question is how much damage the victim does to the surrounding area. On the other hand, if a mortal kills an immortal on holy ground, and no other immortals are present, the Quickening is merely absorbed by the nexus, increasing its divinity.

** Sense Quickening:

Immortals are aware of one another. Roll (Perception + Awareness + Quickening) to sense other immortals. Only one success is required unless the other immortal is using stealth, in which case make a normal opposed roll, with the searching immortal adding her Quickening rating to the normal (Perception + Awareness) pool as above.

*** Environmental Adaptation:

As immortals' understanding of Quickening grows, so do the ways they can overcome mortal danger. Environmental Adaptation allows an immortal to ignore disease, asphyxiation, natural poisons, and other mundane threats. For one Legend/Quickening, the immortal can ignore one natural form of environmental harm for a scene.

**** Quickened Speed:

Powerful immortals are simply faster than anything human. Immortals with Quickened Speed can spend four Quickening points to have (Quickening - 3) actions per turn for the remainder of the scene.