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The Underworld was the prison of the Titans and the gathering place for all souls of the dead, where they were judged by the Gods of their cultures before being sent to their just rewards. For some, that was the Underworld itself, where terrible punishments awaited until they worked off their sins. For most, though, it meant rest in the Overworld in a paradise beyond imagining, or a return to The World and a second chance to prove themselves.

Today, the Underworld is in shambles. The Titans have escaped, those dead who find themselves here wait for judgment while the war rages in Heaven, and increasing numbers of ghosts find the roads to the Underworld shattered by the rampaging Titans and their foul spawn.

Worse, alien things have been finding their way into the Underworld in ever-greater numbers. The Scions of distant Amber suspect that these are lesser demons from the Courts of Chaos, but thus far, proof is elusive.