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Garvarim Horde

The Garvarim Horde is the most dangerous aggressor on modern Muria. The sole non-human nation of any size on the human home-world, Garvarim has little love for its neighbors, but only one absolute enemy.

This auridian nation borders the Paranim Empire, and in fact constitutes a large portion of the area the Empire once ruled. Its native auridians tend strongly to the reptilian and terrestrial rather than avian or aerial, leaning to the stocky and short (though more the latter than the former). During Paranim's twilight, a succession of Despots captured and enslaved three generations of auridians, altering them to favor certain characteristics. The Paranimi called them garvarim, meaning knave (both servant and scoundrel variants), and proceeded to treat them as such. At best.

The Paranim actually had the nerve to be shocked when the auridians revolted, cracking the facade of the faltering, once-mighty empire. Instead of returning to auridian space, however, they appropriated the name they had been labeled with and turned it into something to be feared. Over the course of a century, the Garvarim drove the Paranim Empire out of entire kingdoms, claiming the land for their own.

Modern Muria has come to fear the Garvarim Horde...which has become in many ways everything they hated. Modern Garvarim is a ruthless, expansionist power with few moral limits. Its current Horde Master, Rukhel, is considering his options, granting Muria a reprieve. When he decides to move, though, it will make the Garvarim Rebellion look like a tea party by comparison.