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The birthplace of humanity, is home to the oldest civilizations in human Seaspace. Indeed, many non-humans still refer to the species as "Murians," which annoys most Lyonesians...but very few people from Muria.

The largest civilizations on Muria are:

  • Kingdom of Mauraya: this ancient land of divine knowledge, protected by gods and deivas alike, is generally accepted to be the cradle of humanity. While they were technologically surpassed for a time, they have always had a long-standing tradition of Seers watching over and protecting their land. Currently enjoying a renaissance. (Sumer/India)
  • The Lands of Yahang: Once a proud empire, Yahang has since broken into twin kingdoms both intertwined and opposed. Hojin is a land of rigid structure and discipline, maintained by a complex bureaucracy which is carefully intertwined with its military noble families. Peasants have no "civil" rights, but hunger and disease are considered "enemies of the state" and Hojini authority is expected to deal with any threats to the people as swiftly as to gangs and rebels. Its counterpart, Tayame, is a constitutional monarchy with a Great Assembly, broad freedoms rare even on Lyonesia, and free enterprise...but where corruption is commonplace and competition consumes the poor. (China/Japan, with some Korea and Vietnam thrown in, China/Japan mixed as evenly as possible between the lot; Korea more Tayame, Vietnam more Hojin)
  • Paranim Empire: Once the largest empire in the world (and Paranim at its height remains the largest contiguous land ever ruled by one human state), Paranim is now a bitter remnant of its former glory. Though still a reasonably large and economically significant state, the Supreme Despot's power no longer extends past the modern borders of Paranim. The beginning of the Paranim decline is generally attributed to the reign of Uguses III, when the Exodus of Annette reached its height. (Rome/Persia with a Byzantium/Ottoman touch)
  • Garvarim Horde: This auridian nation borders the Paranim Empire, and in fact constitutes a large portion of the area it once ruled. During Paranim's twilight, a succession of Despots captured and enslaved three generations of auridian, altering them to favor certain characteristics. The Paranimi called them garvarim, meaning knave (both servant and scoundrel variants), and proceeded to treat them as such. At best. They had the nerve to be shocked when the auridian revolted. Modern Muria has come to fear the Garvarim Horde...which has become in many ways everything they hated -- a ruthless, expansionist power. (Semi-standard orcoblins with a better excuse)