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Horde Master of the Garvarim, Rukhel is the toughest, meanest, most devious member of a tough, mean, devious people. A brilliant strategist and ruthless warrior, Rukhel is also a passable civil leader and statesman, though he rarely bothers with diplomacy or statecraft with anyone not Garvarim. While he genuinely cares about his people, for the most part his concerns are for the Horde as a whole, not any one person, village or squad.

Rukhel was weaned on stories of the evil Paranim Empire, how they enslaved the auridians who became the Garvarim and forged them into servants. Like most of his people, Rukhel fully believes that it is the right and the duty of the Horde to consume and destroy the Empire. Other humans, he's content to simply raid, so long as they respond in kind rather than escalating. Of course, any nations foolish enough to cooperate with the Paranim are fair game. As the years pass, Rukhel's definition of "cooperate" becomes more flexible...