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Basic Notes

The GM can (and should) update this as needed, since it's from an old email :-).

Here's the basic stuff regarding the DS9 campaign.

It is set following the Dominion War, and the admission of Bajor into the Federation. DS9 is seen as essential to the goals of the federation in the sector, as well as the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant.

There are two starships which operate and are assigned to the subsector:

  • USS Challenger (Intrepid Class -- for those who don't know, "Voyager" was an Intrepid Class -- about 150 crew)
  • USS Trudeau (Akira Class -- Heavy Frigate; 250 crew)

To give you a sense of the size of the ships, the Enterprise-E has a crew complement of 700.

You will not be assigned to these ships, but there may be a reason to go aboard them from time to time, often to hitch a ride to the Gamma Quadrant!

DS9 has a crew complement of just 200, but there are many more civilians on board, making it a unique experience as a Starbase posting. Starship and Starbase postings do not normally require a lot of interaction with civilians for the majority of the crew -- even security doing shore patrol, don't have to do more than say "I'm sorry about the damage, sir, here's the captain's comm code."